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Careers in Early Childhood Studies

Career Options

Early Childhood Studies is an excellent foundation for a range of careers working with young children, as well as their families.

Prospective Employers

There are a variety of exciting career opportunities for our graduates interested in working with families of young children.

Future Study

Your BA in Early Childhood Studies provides a rich foundational knowledge for a variety of post-graduate studies in community services and related fields.

Alumni Profiles

Check our Early Childhood Studies alumni profiles to have an idea how our students have made a difference in the field of early learning.

Career Planning

Insighful tips and resources on effectively planning your career.

Alumni Spotlight

Calene Wong

Calene Wong, BA ECS
Class of 2013
Teacher, Centennial Infant & Child Centre

“In second year, I was placed at Centennial Infant and Child Centre. Little did I know that this placement would change my life!”