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Out-of-Povince/ Out-of-country Field Placement

International Education: Thinking Globally

At Ryerson’s School of Early Childhood studies, we make it possible for you to expand your professional skills, knowledge and connections by completing your fourth-year field placement course outside of Ontario or Canada.

By studying educational and care systems of other regions, you will gain a better understanding your local system while developing new perspectives and skills to enhance your practice. Your borderless learning experience can take place in regions such as:

  • North America

  • The Caribbean

  • Europe

  • Asia, Africa

  • South Pacific

  • South and Central America

Your out-of-province/out-of-country placement will involve spending 25 consecutive days in the spring or summer term as an intern focusing on program planning, independent experience, evaluation and assessment. Full time students complete this placement in the spring/summer term preceding your fourth-year fall term. For part time students, the out-of-province or out-of-country placement should be the final course you complete before graduation.