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Field Education

Field placements at Ryerson provide you with a rewarding opportunity to put theory into practice in actual employment environments. You’ll gain valuable experience in a variety of settings such as kindergarten classrooms, Ontario EarlyON Centres, and early learning and care centres.

These hands-on learning experiences will deepen your understanding of the field, enhance your knowledge and skills, promote your personal growth and prepare you for a meaningful career.

Three individuals facilitate placements to ensure they run smoothly and meet student learning requirements:

  • The field educator is the on-site professional who will mentor and encourage students, model best practices and provide feedback on their performance.
  • The faculty advisor will support students through their placement experience; conduct online or on campus seminars, and facilitate on-site visits as required.
  • The field education coordinator will liaise between students, the field educator and the faculty advisor to ensure the overall success of the placement.

For more information, check out the PDF fileField Education Manual [PDF].

Full-time field placements

Part-time field placements

For sample evaluations, check out the placement links below. The evaluations provided are samples only. All evaluations are completed electronically. You will receive a link to the evaluation system via email and evaluate students at the midterm and at the end of their placement.

Full-time field placements

Part-time field placements

Workshops for field educators focus on:

  • student roles and responsibilities
  • evaluation process
  • field education policies and procedures

We typically hold two workshops per academic year. You will receive invitations via email.

Before the placement begins, you will be contacted by your student's faculty advisor.

Once the placement begins, the faculty advisor becomes the primary contact for any placement questions.

The field education coordinator and field education assistant can help with other related inquiries.

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