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Part-time, Direct Entry Applicant FAQs

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Our direct-entry program is specifically designed for students who are working in the field and want to enhance their mobility in careers involving young children and families.  

Through Ryerson University’s G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, the School of Early Childhood Studies offers quality courses in a variety of delivery modes to facilitate students’ progress.

  • Each on-campus course requires three hours of in-class time per week.
  • Each online course requires two to three hours online per week.
  • Additionally, expect to spend four to six hours on study time, assignment completion and exam preparation per course, per week.

The part time program is designed to be flexible and to meet the needs of the student. Students with commitments such as work and family may choose to take as little as one course per term, while other students may choose to take up to five.

It is recommended that students begin with one or two courses, especially for the first term, until they have a good idea of the academic rigour and work load.

Yes. You should map out the order in which your courses ought to be taken:

It is important to plan for your two field placement courses:

  • You must complete all third year required courses prior to participating in the third year placement.
  • We strongly recommended that you complete all remaining courses before participating in the fourth year placement. It should be one of the final courses in your degree.

No. These courses are used to meet Ryerson's admission requirements for entering the part-time early childhood studies program. You must complete three more upper-level liberal studies courses.

Ryerson University policy states that courses completed prior to acceptance into a degree program receive the designation of “credit” and cannot be included in the calculation of your GPA.

For this reason, we encourage you to apply for admission into the part-time degree program prior to completing many courses.

Without exception, you must complete at least one half of the program requirements after you have been admitted into the program.

Students wishing to transfer — under exceptional circumstances — from the part-time program to the full-time program must do so by January of the calendar year in which the transfer is requested.

Requests and reasons for the transfer must be directed to Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment and the program manager.

Students wishing to transfer must complete all third-year courses. Admission will be based upon the availability of space.  

The program manager, Jennifer Butterly, is located in Room KHS 354-E, Kerr Hall South. Send your questions and book an in-person or phone appointment via email:

No. You are required to complete two field placements. The field education coordinator and your faculty advisor help ensure that your placements support you to achieve your learning goals.