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The Department of Economics is fast growing and dedicated to excellence in research and teaching. We offer a PhD in Economics, an MA in International Economics and Finance, a BA in International Economics and Finance and a BComm in Business Management (Economics and Management Science major). 

News & Announcements

Angelique Bernabe, a fifth year PhD student in Economics, has received the 2020 Faculty of Arts Contract Lecturer Teaching Award.

Dr. Constantine Angyridis has received the 2020 Dean's Teaching Award - Faculty (RFA, opens in new window). 

Dr. Haomiao Yu has received the 2020 Dean's Service Award

Dr. Tom Barbiero has a paper titled "Spend Less, Get more? Explaining Health Spending and Outcome Differences Between Canada and Italy." (with L. Di Matteo), accepted for publication at Review of Economic Analysis.

Dr. Halis Yildiz has a paper titled "Tariff Bindings and the Dynamic Formation of Preferential Trade Agreements" (with J. Lake and M. Nken), accepted for publication at Journal of International Economics.

Dr. Haomiao Yu has a paper titled "The Individualistic Foundation of Equilibrium Distribution, '' (with X. Sun and Y. Sun), accepted for publication at Journal of Economic Theory.


All Ryerson University events have been cancelled or postponed as part of the university‚Äôs effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Virtual seminar, 3:30pm, Oct 20, 2020

Speaker: Han Gao (University of Minnesota)

Title: "Social security and female labor supply in China" 

Virtual seminar, 3:30pm, Nov 10, 2020

Speaker: Shahir Safi (Aix-Marseille University)

Title: TBA

Virtual seminar, 3:30pm, Nov 17, 2020

Speaker: Fabian Trottner (UC San Diego)

Title: TBA

Virtual seminar, 3:30pm, Nov 24, 2020

Speaker: Murat Celik (University of Toronto)

Title: TBA

Virtual seminar, 3:30pm, Dec 01, 2020

Speaker: Yingjun Su (Jinan University)

Title: TBA

Virtual seminar, 3:30pm, Dec 08, 2020

Speaker: Amy Handlan (University of Minnesota)

Title: TBA