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Faculty, Staff and Finance Inquiries

        Neva von Wasilewski

        Department Administrator

        Office: JOR-201


        Telephone: (416) 979-5000 ext. 6182

Undergraduate Programs

International Economics and Finance Program & Economics Course Enrollment

        Neha Narang

        Undergraduate Program Administrator & Internship Coordinator

        Office: JOR-208


        Telephone: (416) 979-5000 ext. 2029

Dr. Constantine Angyridis

Undergraduate Program Director

Office: JOR-217


Telephone: (416) 979-5000 ext. 7725

Economics and Management Science Major

        Sarah Weisbrod & Jelena Basic

        Student Advisors

        TRSM Student Advising office: TRS 1-004


        Telephone: (416) 979-5000 ext. 3586

Dr. Brennan Thompson


Office: JOR-617


Telephone: (416) 979-5000 ext. 4794

Graduate Program

        Karen Fajardo

        Graduate Program Administrator

        Office: JOR-232


        Telephone: (416) 979-5000 ext. 7856

Dr. Haomiao Yu

Graduate Program Director 

Office: JOR-209


Telephone: (416) 979-5000 ext. 4799

Continuing Education

        Dr. Haomiao Yu


        Office: JOR-209


        Telephone: (416) 979-5000 ext. 4799