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Faculty of Community Services

Admissions for Early Childhood Studies (BA)

Ready to begin supporting young children and their families? Diverse classroom and field learning opportunities — together with a strong Ryerson community — equip you with the knowledge and experiences needed to pursue a rewarding career in practice, policy or research. Prepare to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young children, their families and their communities.

Admission requirements

To begin the application process you must first meet:

  • Program-specific requirements.

  • Category-specific requirements.

  • English language requirements.

Visit Academic Requirements to learn more.

Application deadlines

Submit your complete application and amendments by Ryerson's guaranteed consideration date to receive equal consideration.

We are a grades-only program, which means Ryerson considers your application on the basis of academic achievement only.

Before you apply, find out if Ryerson is still accepting applications.

After you've applied, find out when Ryerson releases admission decisions.

How to apply

Visit Ryerson's How to Apply page for more information on:

  1. Submitting your application.
  2. Submitting required documents and information.
  3. Tracking your application status.
Required documents

When you apply to Ryerson’s School of Early Childhood Studies, you may need to submit:

  • Academic transcript
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency

Required documents vary by the type of application you submit. Please visit Document Submission to learn more about what documents may be required and how to submit them.

Admission requirements by applicant type

Dynamic, creative and driven students choose Ryerson’s School of Early Childhood Studies.

We offer an education that combines academic rigour with relevant, professional experience.

Choose the option below that best describes you, and learn more about the admission requirements that apply to you.

After applying

You've made a great choice applying to Ryerson’s School of Early Childhood Studies.

Now that you’ve applied and submitted your documents (if required), follow these three steps to ensure your application stays on track:

  1. Ensure your application is complete

  2. Check your application status online

  3. Stay up-to-date

Visit After Applying for more information.

Approved students

Congratulations on receiving your Offer of Admission!  We are delighted to have you join us at Ryerson. It is important that you carefully read all pages of the Offer of Admission posted in your Choose>Ryerson applicant portal and save a copy for your records.

Visit Approved Students for instructions on how to accept your Offer and reserve your place in our program.

Program overview

Why Ryerson?

"I chose Ryerson because of the Direct Entry program for Early Childhood Studies. Ryerson recognized my college diploma as the first two years, which enabled me to start on the third year of the program which was really, really helpful. The professors at Ryerson have been really knowledgeable and very engaging and also very supportive to me in my personal life and any challenges that I face."

Shawna Lee
Fourth Year,
Early Childhood Studies