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Consultation to Child Care Agencies for Children with Disabilities

The Gerrard Resource Centre offers a consultation service staffed by professionals with backgrounds in early childhood programming, family supports, special education, assessment, and psychology.

The consultation service is available to parents, caregivers, and early childhood and family supports professionals living or working in downtown East Toronto.  Services are available beyond this area; however, a small fee may apply.

Philosophical Approach
In order for consultation to be most effective, we believe in adults who have an established relationship with the child being integral members of the decision-making team.  The child's parents, caregivers, early childhood teachers, and child care supervisors have valuable information to share and use to complete assessments and create program plans that best meet the needs of the child and family. Our role is to help gather  information and facilitate a collaborative decision-making process.

Child-Focused Concerns:
Consultation may revolve around the child's language, intellectual, physical, social, or emotional development. These concerns may be of a short-term or long-term nature.  Observation, screening, and assessment of the child are done in a familiar environmental (e.g., home or school).  Resources and programming support regarding specific disabilities are available, as well as referrals to other professionals when appropriate.

Centre-Focused Concerns:
Sometimes early childhood educators have concerns around more general issues.  Upon request, consultation may involve curriculum modification, professional development, equipment adaptation, or team-building.

Family-Focused Concerns:
At times, children can be challenging for families.  Consultation may revolve around identifying routines that cause stress within the family and working out ways of alleviating and/or preventing difficult times.



  • A parent/caregiver or a professional working with the family may make the referral to the Gerrard Resource Centre. GRC staff will then complete an intake application form with the parent/caregiver or professional.
  • Parents are required to complete a parent consent form in order for the consultation process to begin.
  • In some situations, parents may be required to complete a Release of Information Form and a Form 14.


Registration forms

Parents, caregivers and/or professionals wishing to utilize consultation services will meet with a consultant to complete the registration forms. All forms must be completed before the consultation service can begin.


Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


This program is funded by Toronto Children's Services, City of Toronto and by private donations.

Contact Information

For more information contact:
Helena Raimundo                                                                                                                        
Telephone Number: (416) 972-1319 ext. 51                            
Fax Number: (416) 979-5239


Anne Hoa
Telephone Number: (416) 979-5000 ext. 2536
Fax Number: (416) 979-5239

Mailing Address:
350 Victoria St. 
Room KHW 383A
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 2K3