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Faculty of Community Services

Elaine Frankel




416-979-5000, ext. 7651

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  • Early childhood intervention.
  • Inclusive education.
  • Systemic change processes.


I graduated from Cornell University with honours where I received a BS degree in Human Development and Family Relationships. My career path reflects a strong belief in the benefits of lifelong learning and personal change. I attended at the University of Toronto where I achieved both a MEd and EdD, after teaching young children in Head Start preschools, kindergartens, and primary grades.

My research relates to early intervention, inclusive education, system change processes, and family narratives. I have presented internationally at numerous conferences and professional learning seminars on these topics. As coordinator of the Interpersonal Skills Teaching Centre (1996 - 2000) I promoted the development of the live actor simulated client program.  I also served as a faculty associate of the Ryerson Learning and Teaching office (2007-2010), and was the first teaching chair for the Faculty of Community Services (2010 – 2013). My goal is to foster experiential and universal instructional design techniques which enhance student engagement and participation.

Research Interests:

Research projects:

  • Project: Inclusive Early Childhood Service systems IECSS
    • Role: Co-investigator
    • Funded by: SHRRC  
  • Project: Health, education, and learning partnerships promoting social inclusion of children with developmental disabilities: HELPS, Inc
    • Role: Co-investigator
    • Funded by: CIHR
  • Project: Voices of diversity: digital narratives in the classroom
    • Role: Principal Investigator
    • Funded by: Ryerson

Current Courses:

  • CLD 241: Children with Disabilities
  • CLD 251: Interpersonal Communication
  • CS 8922: Educational Change

Selected Publications:


  • Ali, M., Corson, P., & Frankel, E.B. (2009).  Listening to Families: Reframing Services. Toronto: Chestnut Press.           

Book chapters:

  • Frankel, E.B., Underwood, K., Goldstein, P. (in press). Principles and Practices in Early intervention. In M. L. Wehmeyer, I. Brown, M. Percy,  K. Shogren, &  A. Fung (Eds.).  A comprehensive guide to intellectual and developmental disabilities (2nd Edition). Baltimore, MD: Brookes Publishing.
  • Frankel, E.B., & Underwood, K. (2011). Early intervention for young children (Chap. 39).  In I. Brown & M. Percy (Eds.). Developmental disabilities in Ontario (3rd Edition). ON: Ontario Association on Developmental Disabilities.

Journal articles:

  • Frankel, E.B., Hutchinson, N.L., Burbidge, J., & Minnes, P. (2014). Pre-service early childhood educators’ and elementary teachers’ perspectives on including young children with developmental disabilities: A mixed-methods analysis. Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, 35, 373-391.
  • Villeneuve, M., Chatenoud, C., Hutchinson, N.L., Minnes, P., Perry, A., Dionne, C., Frankel, E.B., Isaacs, B., Loh, A., Versnel, J., & Weiss, J., (2013). The experience of parents as their children with developmental disabilities transition from early intervention to kindergarten. Canadian Journal of Education, 36 (1), 4-43.
  • Minnes, P., Hutchinson, N., Ouellette-Kuntz, H., Villeneuve, M., Chatenoud, C., Dionne, C., Frankel, E.B., Issacs, B., Loh, A., Perry, A., Weiss, J., & Versnel, J. (2012). Including children with developmental disabilities. International Innovation: Healthcare (Research Media, UK), 16, 72-74.
  • Underwood, K., & Frankel, E.B. (2012). The developmental systems approach to early intervention in Canada. Infants and Young Children, 25, 286-296.
  • Frankel, E.B., Gold, S., & Ajodhia-Andrews, A. (2010). Preschool inclusion: Bridging the gap between principles and practices. Young Exceptional Children, 13(5), 2-16.
  • Ajodhia-Andrews, A., & Frankel, E.B. (2010). Inclusive education in Guyana: A call for change. International Journal of Special Education, 25, 126-144.
  • Frankel, E.B. (2006). The knowledge, skills and personal qualities of early childhood resource consultants as agents of change. Exceptionality Education Canada, 16(2), 35-58.
  • Frankel, E.B. (2004).  Supporting inclusive care and education for young children with special needs and their families: An international perspective.  Childhood Education,  80, 310-321.  

Professional Affiliations:

  • Faculty Conference Poster Award, Ryerson University, 2013
  • Provost’s Teaching Award in Experiential Learning, Ryerson University, 2011
  • Faculty Conference Poster Award, Ryerson University, 2011

Position Currently Held:

Professor (On sabbatical leave in Fall 2019)

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  • Office location:  KHS 363-G, Kerr Hall South
  • Hours available: Office Hours as posted or email for an appointment.