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Faculty of Community Services

Research areas and projects

Faculty members at Ryerson’s School of Early Childhood Studies lead inventive and innovative research projects that advance the wellbeing of children and families.

Research areas and projects

Our faculty members regularly making important research contributions to policy, practice and teaching. They explore:

  • Educators, care and education in early childhood.
  • Early childhood pedagogies.
  • Creativity and the arts.
  • Disability, difference and inclusion.
  • Children and designed and natural environments.
  • Language and literacy.
  • Equity, diversity and social justice.
  • Immigrant and refugee children and families.
  • Child and family well-being.
  • Children’s rights.
  • Early childhood public policy development and change.
  • Diverse methods of inquiry such as arts-based, participatory, post-structural, feminist and research with children.

Browse our people to view their publications and gain insight into the research projects they lead, or find a researcher by keyword search.