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Honours & Recognition

A woman speaks at an Esch Awards event

Achievement comes in many forms at FEAS. From grade-point average to leadership and volunteerism, we are immensely proud of our students and the work they do in the classroom and the university community. To celebrate these achievements, we award honours each year to several deserving, determined students. Find out more about this year’s awards and award-winners, plus how you can be eligible.

To be eligible for consideration for entrance scholarships and awards, you must have a record of academic excellence as demonstrated by a final high school admission average of 85% or higher in six Grade 12 U/M courses. For some of the awards, you must also demonstrate strong leadership.

For more information about these awards and how to apply (if applicable), visit our Entrance Scholarships page.

2020 Award Winners

Award Student Program
Charles A. Root Entrance Scholarship Jose John Mulloor Undeclared Engineering
George and Helen Vari Foundation Entrance Scholarship (1) Benjamin Warbick Computer Engineering
George and Helen Vari Foundation Entrance Scholarship (2) Amanah Albaba Biomedical Engineering
George and Helen Vari Foundation Entrance Scholarship (3) Nayoung Kim Biomedical Engineering
Pierre Lassonde Entrance Scholarship (1) Ashlynn Maruthananth Undeclared Engineering
Pierre Lassonde Entrance Scholarship (2) Vasu Patel Computer Engineering
Pierre Lassonde Entrance Scholarship (3) Vishal Krishnakumar Mechanical Engineering
Pierre Lassonde Entrance Scholarship (4) Ahmad Bahir Ali Latif Mechanical Engineering
Pierre Lassonde Entrance Scholarship (5) Abdullah Izrar Undeclared Engineering
Pierre Lassonde Entrance Scholarship (6) Chintan Shah Computer Engineering
Pierre Lassonde Entrance Scholarship (7) Yusuf Abderrahman Biomedical Engineering
Pierre Lassonde Entrance Scholarship (8) Jasjot Mehta Civil Engineering
Pierre Lassonde Entrance Scholarship (9) Muhammad Mehdi Ali Computer Engineering
Pierre Lassonde Entrance Scholarship (10) Abel Thomas Computer Engineering
Pierre Lassonde Entrance Scholarship (11) Taylor Gavin Aerospace Engineering
President's Entrance Scholarship (1) Syed Sohebuddin Saqib Mechanical Engineering
President's Entrance Scholarship (2) Ashlynn Maruthananth Undeclared Engineering


The Aileen Clark Lambie Awards are open to second-, third- or fourth-year undergraduate women engineering students who have made a notable contribution to women in engineering activities at FEAS. Eligible candidates must also be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants who meet specific academic expectations and demonstrate financial need.

For more information about this award and how to apply, visit the Office of the Registrar’s Awards and Scholarships page.

2019 Award Winners

Erica Attard

Erica Attard

In her role as outboards and brakes design lead with Ryerson Formula Racing (RFR), Erica Attard is proud to represent women in motorsports. Recognizing the need for female representation within STEM fields, she actively inspires young women to pursue opportunities within engineering. Attard also manages the RFR business team, recruiting students from faculties across campus.

Dana Bonner

Dana Bonner

The third-year structural representative for the Ryerson Society for Civil Engineering and a former member of the Ryerson Engineering Student Society’s event planning committee, Dana Bonner recognizes the importance of female role models within engineering. Giving young women the chance to see themselves represented within the industry, Bonner has spearheaded an informative and inspirational campus event featuring keynote speeches from five female engineers. The event will take place in March 2020.

Samantha Cesario

Samantha Cesario

Civil engineering student Samantha Cesario is driven to improve lives within her community. She gives a voice to students as a member of the Ryerson Society for Civil Engineering, while she brings awareness to issues of sustainability across campus as part of the Ryerson Sustainable Engineers Association. Cesario also competes on the Ryerson Engineering Concrete Toboggan Team.

Folake Kayode

Folake Kayode

Folake Kayode actively promotes women in STEM through Soapbox Science, an initiative celebrating the contributions of women scientists, as well as STEM Into Action, a Toronto Community Housing workshop event for girls and young women. As a First-Year Ambassador at Ryerson, Kayode supports incoming and current students and facilitates events surrounding topics of equity, diversity and inclusion.

Fatima Tafazzoli Shadpour

Fatima Tafazzoli Shadpour

A fourth-year computer engineering student, Fatima Taffazoli Shadpour is a former Android app developer and researcher for Ryerson’s Optimization Problems Research and Applications Laboratory (OPR-AL). As junior lead of research and development with IEEE Toronto Women in Engineering, Taffazoli Shadpour helps further the status of women in engineering and science.


The Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education Gold Medal for Academic Achievement is awarded to the student graduating from each of the faculties of engineering in Ontario with the highest cumulative average. The award is presented to the recipient by a representative from the foundation at the spring convocation ceremony.

For more information about this award and how to apply, visit the Registrar’s awards and scholarships page.

2020 Award Winner

Vatsal Patel

Vatsal Patel

In addition to his outstanding GPA, Patel worked as a research assistant at the Optimization Problems Research and Applications Laboratory (OPR-AL) in 2017, where he analyzed Bluetooth communication for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. He also completed an internship at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) in 2019. Patel earned a bachelor of engineering studying electrical engineering.


FEAS is home to over 45 active student groups and design teams that participate in national and international competitions and conferences throughout the year. These events give our students the opportunity to showcase the amazing projects they work so hard on all year long—from concrete canoes to formula race cars.

For more a complete listing of our student groups and design teams, visit our Student Experience page.

Featured Award-Winning Groups

Group shot of the Ryerson Rocketry Club 2018

Ryerson Rocketry Club

In June, the Ryerson Rocketry Club competed in the Spaceport America Cup, the world's largest university rocket engineering competition. The club won second place in the Space Dynamics Laboratory (SDL) Payload Challenge with their Arctic Thunder rocket.

Ryerson Debate team winners at OEC 2019

Debate Team

A Ryerson team was awarded first place in the debate category at the Ontario Engineering Competition. Held at McMaster University from January 18 - 20, Rymn Wadhwa and Griffin Murdoch won for their ability to develop a coherent and logical argument on an assigned subject.

Entrepreneurship is a vital part of the FEAS ecosystem—and a central feature of that ecosystem is the Norman Esch Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship Awards program. The Esch Awards provide financial assistance to current FEAS students with the purpose of enabling new, innovative ideas for products, inventions and technologies that are relevant to the Canadian economy now and in the future. Since 2013, the Esch Foundation has given $2 million to support student entrepreneurship at FEAS, furthering the research, development and commercialization of ideas for 245 students and counting.

For more information on the entrepreneurship opportunities at FEAS, including the Esch Awards, visit our Entrepreneurship page.

Featured Student Entrepreneurs

Joseph Fida

Joseph Fida

Fida is the co-founder and CEO of Blade Filters Inc, external link, opens in new window., a company that is revolutionising the activated carbon air filtration market in the cannabis industry. He graduated from Ryerson in June 2018 with a bachelor of engineering (BEng) and is currently pursuing a master of applied science (MASc) in chemical engineering, also at Ryerson. He is a three-time Esch Award winner.

At FEAS, our student leaders do outstanding work outside of the classroom. Their contributions strengthen our university community and help foster diversity and engagement. 

For a comprehensive list of other awards, including those related to volunteering like the Dennis Mock Student Leadership Award and Aileen Clark Lambie Award, please visit the Registrar’s Program-Specific Awards page.

Student Volunteer Shoutout

Disha Soni

Disha Soni

Soni is currently president of the Ryerson branch of the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute (CASI), where she works to provide students with professional development opportunities. She also served as the logistics coordinator for the 2018 Conference on Diversity in Engineering and was part of the organizing committee for the 2016 First-Year Integration Conference.

Dean's List

The Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science Dean's List recognizes undergraduate students' outstanding academic achievement in an academic year. To be eligible for consideration, you must:

  1. Carry an average unit load of 4.0 billing units or higher for the two terms of the academic year under consideration (fall and winter).*
  2. Obtain a minimum GPA of 3.5 for the academic year under consideration. The minimum GPA applies for both the fall and winter terms exclusively, in addition to your overall GPA for the year.
  3. Obtain passing grades in all courses and a clear academic standing for both terms.
  4. Not have received any Disciplinary Notations (DNs) in the academic year under consideration.

*For chemical engineering students, the winter term of the fifth semester and the fall term of the sixth semester will be weighed against the Dean’s List criteria when reviewing eligibility, to compensate for the mandatory co-op program requirements.