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Congratulations on receiving your Offer of Admission to one of our Graduate Programs in the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS). During these changed times that we're living in, instead of the social event that we promised in the FEAS Resources and Checklist document that you received from your Graduate Program Administrator, we held a virtual welcome and information session on June 10th 2020 with the FEAS Associate Dean, Graduate Studies to help you make this life-changing decision during this pandemic by answering some of the most asked questions. For those who were unable to connect, and for those who want to come back to review specific topics, this 90 minutes long webinar is divided in following sections:

01 - Welcome and Introduction, external link

02 - Fall 2020 Remote Course Delivery | Available Options and Deposit Deadline, external link

03 - Starting Remotely | Admission Conditions, Tuition, Scholarships, Courses, Research, TA Positions, external link

04 - International Student Support | Things to Know About Study Permits, external link

05 - Key Contacts, external link

Students studying in the SLC

Graduate Programs

Our graduate programs offer a high degree of interaction between faculty members and students, as well as a strong scholarship, research and creative activity component. No matter which program you choose, you’ll have the guidance and resources you need to pursue research that resonates.

Faculty has 162 faculty members
Faculty has a new AI master's program
Faculty has 26 programs in 11 different disciplines

Which Program is Right for You?

  1. “I have a bachelor of architectural science and I want to become a professional architect.” Consider the master of architecture (MArch) program.
  2. “I am an engineer with my own startup idea and/or I want to work for a startup.” Consider the master of engineering innovation and entrepreneurship (MEIE) program.
  3. “I am an engineering professional in aerospace or electrical engineering and I am seeking extra credentials.” If you have an undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering, consider a professional master's diploma (PMDip) in aerospace design management. If you have an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, consider a professional master's diploma (PMDip) in energy and innovation.
  4. “I am an engineer and I want a professional degree that will get me into the job market quickly.” Consider the master of engineering (MEng) program, including its one-year option. (See your engineering program of interest.)
  5. “I am interested in building science, but I prefer coursework over research.” Consider the master of building science (MBSc) program.
  1. “I want a research-based master’s degree in engineering and I have a research idea.” Consider the master of applied science (MASc) program. (See your engineering program of interest.)
  2. “I want a research-based master’s degree in building science.” Consider the master of applied science (MASc) program in building science.
  3. “I want a career in academia or a professional research career.” Consider a PhD. (See your engineering program of interest.)
A group of graduate students that were part of the Race to Zero team

Student Experience

At FEAS, we offer many opportunities for you to connect to students and faculty who are just like you: passionate, driven and infinitely curious. Visit our Graduate Student Experience page.

Accelerated MASc Pathway

For exceptional undergraduate engineering students in the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science who, by the end of third year, show interest and aptitude in research, our prestigious accelerated master of applied science (MASc) pathway can fast-track your studies by up to one year.

Matthew Tokarik

"During my time at the Department of Architectural Science, I enjoyed many extra-curriculars, including design competitions and the US Department of Energy Race to Zero, as well as the entrepreneurial support provided by the Norman Esch Awards. The experience that I gained was invaluable; I apply it every day at my current job.”

Matthew Tokarik, Senior Manager of Engineering at Subterra Renewables
Building Science (MASc) '15

Services & Supports

Have questions but you’re not sure who to ask? Your FEAS community is here to help, including faculty members, staff, and your fellow students.

Jeffrey Yokota
Ryan Deorajh

Student Spotlight

"As a graduate student at Ryerson University, I was able to conduct my research in a clinical setting at Sunnybrook Hospital. This gave me the amazing opportunity to network with clinical professionals and get consistent feedback from them, allowing me to make meaningful contributions to my research field."

Ryan Deorajh
Electrical Engineering (MASc) ‘19

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