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Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

A sheet displaying data and a closeup on a pen circling key elements

Canada’s academic and industry leaders need to do more than keep up with rapid advances in data analytics and AI—they need to drive the conversation and enable everyone to benefit from the technology.

At FEAS, we ensure that bias control is at the forefront of our data and AI advances, and we advocate for others to do the same. From biomedical signal analysis to machine learning that results in better brand-customer relationships, to auto-generated textual reports based on numerical data, FEAS researchers ensure that their industry partners advance their competitive edge conscientiously.

Lab Title Principal Investigator Lab Description
Laboratory for Systems, Software and Semantics (LS3) Ebrahim Bagheri LS3 is focused on addressing theoretically-founded and practical research problems in large-scale information retrieval, semantic technologies and social media analytics. The objective is to develop state-of-the-art technology and software systems that can enable the extraction of actionable insights from big, unstructured, user-generated textual content.