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Infrastructure & Transportation

To ensure that our roads, bridges, transit and buildings aren’t just safe, but are also environmentally-friendly and in-step with disruptive technologies like automation, innovators who see the big picture—and who have vision—are needed.

Researchers at FEAS have that vision. From applications of fibre-reinforced polymers in bridges, to experimental wind tunnel testing and small unmanned aerial vehicles, FEAS is responding to the world’s infrastructure and transportation needs with creative, thoughtful solutions.

Faculty Member Department
Alighanbari, Hekmat Aerospace Engineering
Bramesfeld, Goetz Aerospace Engineering
Chung, Joon Aerospace Engineering
Ouyang, Puren Aerospace Engineering
Poon, Cheung Aerospace Engineering
Xi, Fengfeng (Jeff) Aerospace Engineering
Yokota, Jeffrey Aerospace Engineering
Etkind, Masha Architectural Science
Poh, Paul Architectural Science
Amleh, Lamya Civil Engineering
Chapman, Michael Civil Engineering
Easa, Said Civil Engineering
El-Rabbany, Ahmed Civil Engineering
Farooq, Bilal Civil Engineering
Hossain, Khandaker (Anwar) Civil Engineering
Joksimovic, Darko Civil Engineering
Kianoush, Reza Civil Engineering
Lachemi, Mohamed Civil Engineering
Li, James Civil Engineering
Li, Songnian Civil Engineering
Liu, Jinyuan Civil Engineering
Marzouk, Hesham Civil Engineering
Moradi, Saber Civil Engineering
Persaud, Bhagwant Civil Engineering
Sennah, Khaled Civil Engineering
Shaker, Ahmed Civil Engineering
Shehata, Medhat Civil Engineering
Yuan, Xianxum (Arnold) Civil Engineering
Valter Mai, Kristina Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering
Chen, Daolun Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Fung, Alan Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Ravindran, Ravi Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Saghir, Ziad Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Mohamad Ismail, Mohamad Wahab Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Zolfaghari, Saeed Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Lab Title Principal Investigator Lab Description
Laboratory of Innovations in Transportation (LiTrans) Bilal Farooq LiTrans specializes in studying the network and behavioural effects of emerging transportation technologies and services using simulation, statistical modelling, machine learning, econometrics, and virtual reality.
A man looks out over a busy highway

Ryerson Institute for Infrastructure Innovation (RIII)

RIII is focused on making public infrastructure smart, flexible, resilient, and environmentally and economically sustainable. It fosters inquiry and innovation among industry, government and academia at the forefront of infrastructure and policy issues. Learn more about RIII.