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English at Ryerson

Open House Launch
Dr. Dale Smith, Undergraduate Program Director

The bachelor’s degree in English represents a unique encounter with literature in cultural and historical contexts. Our approach to learning in the humanities enables rich and varied traits to form in students whose critical and creative capacities expand through the degree in order to become better situated for the complex requirements of life after university.

The bachelor’s degree in English continues Ryerson’s long-standing tradition of preparing students with the skills most needed in the workplace. These skills are formed by the lively integration of curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking that distinguish our programs. While our English degree incorporates experiential learning into our course offerings, our BA also retains the traditional and most valuable aspect of an English degree: teaching students to think in expansive, creative, and critical ways.

An English major at Ryerson can be combined with a wide variety of professional and creative minors; some of the more popular minors include Sociology, History, Curatorial Studies, Film (Cinema) Studies, and News Studies. For students who wish to combine literary studies with another discipline, we offer an English Option and an English Minor.

Our graduate MA in Literatures of Modernity program combines advanced literary studies and innovative research and theoretical perspectives with opportunities for real-world experience in Toronto’s literary, media, and cultural sectors.
Additionally, we have a Certificate in English Literature and Popular Culture that allows students to enhance and refine their communication skills.

For further questions about our programs contact Dr. Dale M. Smith, Undergraduate Program Director.