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Smith, Dale


Associate Professor


PhD (Texas-Austin)




416-979-5000 ext 4195

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My scholarship engages areas of research in poetry and poetics, rhetoric, creative writing, and performance in public culture. I am co-editor with Robert J. Bertholf of An Open Map: The Robert Duncan / Charles Olson Correspondence and Imagining Persons: Robert Duncan’s Lectures on Charles Olson (both with University of New Mexico Press, 2017). Poets Beyond the Barricade: Rhetoric, Citizenship, and Dissent after 1960 (University of Alabama Press, 2012) provides a rhetorical study of poetry as public art used to address issues of war, ecology, race, and civic space in contemporary culture. A recent article in Paideuma 42 (2015) looks at responses in poetry to the Cold War by the preeminent American poet Edward Dorn, while another recent article in Jacket 2, a publication of the University of Pennsylvania, considers the formal progression of mid-twentieth-century serial poetry in the writing of Kenneth Irby. My public advocacy of contemporary writing can be found in venues such as the Boston Review, Brick, Los Angeles Review of Books, American Book Review, and Wave Books.


Research Interests:

My research and teaching interests include poetry and poetics, modernism, 19th-century American Literature, Literary Non-Fiction, African-American Literature, Popular Culture in Jazz and Rock-n-Roll, rhetorical theory and the history of rhetoric, rhetoric in public culture, rhetoric and performance, visual rhetoric, rhetorical criticism, and creative writing.