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Course Spotlight

LM 8942 Modernity and the Visual


MA in Literatures of Modernity


MA in Literatures of Modernity


Students in Lorraine Janzen Kooistra’s Literatures of Modernity graduate course in Modernity and the Visual (W2014) enjoy exploring Victorian visual culture experientially as well as theoretically and critically. The class went on a field trip to Ryerson’s Fashion Archive, where Ingrid Mida, the Collection Co-ordinator, provided an intimate view of women’s fashions in the nineteenth century. Pictured below in crinolines modeled on those of the 1860s are Literatures of Modernity MA students Margaret Milde, Zachari Miller, and Emily Holmes. For her seminar presentation on “Duality and Rossetti’s Double Works,” Communication and Culture doctoral student Alanna McKnight (pictured above) sewed herself a dress modeled on that pictured in Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s painting, Sibylla Palmifera, also known by the title of its matching sonnet, “Soul’s Beauty.” An exhibition of image/text designs produced by those in the class electing to follow the creative option ran for the month of April 2014.


MA in Literatures of Modernity