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A Fragment

By Tianchi Wang


Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s short poem, “A Fragment”, my work explores the interface between image and text, and experiments with image/text collaboration. With influences as diverse as many postmodern artistic works, new combinations are synthesised from both visual and verbal discourse. This work highlights the notion of “fragment” in relation to visual/verbal intermeshing by illustrating Wilde’s poetry, re-shaping the understanding of image, re-arranging the “fragmentary” literal words, and re-forming the material relation of image and text. The illustration is centred in the work; it provides the viewer with a chance to experience the imaginary scene through the “eye” of the poetic narrator. The fragmentary words are located around the illustration, acting as both textual complement and visual complement. A coloured-paper-combined medium is used in order to demonstrate the outlook that underscores the complexity of fragmentary blend, and innovative non-planar presentation. By such means, my work is an attempt to examine the new relation between literary imaginary and multi-material performance.

I have been fascinated with ephemeral culture. What starts out as the “ephemeral” soon becomes manipulated into a manifesto of futility, leaving only a sense of the unreal and the imagined, but also the chance of new value.  My work, with each component, is made as the “ephemeral”, but interrogates the conventional consideration of practical value. As ephemeral replicas become a fixed form/phenomenon through personal practice, the viewer is left with a glimpse of the new experience.