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Ryerson Resources

Academic Accommodation Support

Academic Accommodation Support is for students living with disabilities looking for help with their academic accommodations.

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Writing Support

Writing Support offers a variety of services ranging from individual support to specialized group workshops.

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Study Skills and Transitions Support

Study Skills and Transitions is dedicated to helping students reach their academic potential by providing professional resources that develop sound learning strategies which address the primary challenges students face in an academic environment.

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Enrollment Services and Student Records

Enrollment Services and Student Records provides comprehensive records, enrollment, and faculty services to the Ryerson University community.

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Ryerson University Library

The Library offers in-person and online research assistance.

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English-Specific Resources

English Undergraduate Program Director 
The Department of English’s Undergraduate Program Director aids students with their overall plans of study and course requirements and informs students of post-grad opportunities and application procedures. Please contact Dr. Dale Smith.