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Photo of Tony Carlucci

Tony Carlucci


Bachelor of Arts - English (4th year)


What year are you in?
I am in fourth year.

What is your favourite book?
Favorite book is "Prisoner of Tehran: A Memoir" by Marina Nemat.

What was your favourite course/which professor had the biggest impact on you?
Favourite course English 302 Writing in the Arts. Favourite professor Julia Fawcett.

How long have you been with the English Course Union? What were your previous roles?
I have been with the ECU for two years as 1st year and 2nd year student representatives. I’d go to English Department Council Meetings discussing curriculum changes and representing the student voice among faculty.

What is your current role and some of your responsibilities?
My current role is Director of Membership and Outreach. Some of my responsibilities include speaking to 1st - 4th year English classrooms about student engagement, welcoming new students to the English Course Union, and implementing new outreach initiatives to engage students whether it be through social media, in person, etc.

What do you hope to accomplish this year?
I hope to hone my writing focus towards my passions and start to get my work published in areas I feel passionate about. I also hope to get more involved in creating original content for the English Course Union and putting together initiatives for engaging more students!

How does one get involved with the ECU?
Students can reach out to any member of the ECU through Facebook, twitter, or in person. The ECU is mentioned on the English website and we generally try to make our presence known through classroom visits and social media engagement.

Have you been involved with anything else at Ryerson?
I was a featured speaker in a RU Live Webinar series with the Undergraduate Director, Professor Anne Marie Lee-Loy, speaking with prospective and incoming Ryerson students about the English program and Ryerson at large. I was also one of four panelist speakers at the Faculty of Arts Career Fair talking to 100+ students, faculty and employers about the skills needed to bring students from post-secondary education into the workforce.

Any plans for after graduation?
As of right now no plans for after graduation. Haven't got that far yet!



Tony discusses his involvement with the English Course Union and the opportunity to share with new and prospective students.