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Student Spotlight

Ewan Matthews


Bachelor of Arts - English and History (3rd year)


Favourite Book?

My favourite book is The Warrior Prophet by R. Scott Bakker, one of a long line of extremely talented Canadian fantasy authors.

Favourite course/professor?

My favourite course in English has probably been ENG 921 - Narrative in a Digital Age with Jason Boyd, but a close second has to be ENG 400 - Literary Culture and Theory with Monique Tschofen. I love classes that push me to rethink what I know and challenge me to create in new, profound ways. On the History side I probably enjoyed HIS 401 - Speaking, Seeing, Hearing the Past with Joan Power the most.

Congratulations on winning the Irene Gammel and Jean Paul Boudreau Undergraduate Research Award! For those who don’t know what it is, can you briefly explain it?

The Irene Gammel and Jean Paul Boudreau Undergraduate Research Award is an award given to a full-time Arts student who shows academic achievement and excellence in research. This year the award was given with preference to a student in the Humanities, which I am so grateful for. These sorts of opportunities are fairly rare for Humanities students.

How did you go about entering? What did you research?

I simply got an email about the award, talked to my boss about it, and started the application. I am currently in my second research assistantship for the Lesbian and Gay Liberation in Canada project, and my focus is on building a robust prosopography (a sort of collective biography) and discovering all about the people, organizations, and publications involved in Canada’s LGBT Liberation Movement. There’s a lot to be done before it goes public, but check out the website at for some info!

You’re doing a double major in English and History. What made you decide to do that?

I’ve always been a huge history buff, and when I saw the opportunity for a dual major I jumped on it. I was planning on doing a history minor already, so it worked out perfectly. I’m very happy that my research assistantship has led me to the digital humanities by way of my interest in LGBTQ+ history!

What do you see yourself doing after graduation?

I would love to teach English in South America or France for a while, and then proceed to graduate school. Right now I’ve got my eye on programs for Cultural Analysis.


Winner of the Irene Gammel and Jean-Paul Boudreau Undergraduate Research Award