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Student Spotlight

Sabrina Sgandurra


Bachelor of Arts - English (Class of 2018)


What year are you in?
I am heading into 4th year.

What is your favourite book?
Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë.

What was your favourite course?
My favourite course was 19th Century Literature and Culture (ENG 632).

How long have you been with the ECU (English Course Union)? What were your previous roles?
I have been with the ECU for one year, I was a third year representative last year. Myself along with many others in the ECU got to step up to take on executive responsibilities.

Congrats on becoming Vice President of Administration! What does your role entail?
My role as the VP of Administration consists of taking care of the financial side of ECU, as well as all of the meticulous planning and organizing of logistics and administration. This includes budgeting, applying for grants and funding, organizing meetings, resolving conflicts with conduct and creating/editing formal documents (proposals, policies, and the constitution), among many other things.

What do you hope to accomplish this year?
I hope to bring more awareness to the English students that the ECU exists and is here to serve them. We have to show the rest of Arts that the English program exists, as the complaint of many English students is that the rest of Arts forgets about us. I also hope to finish this year with a 3.67 GPA, and spend more time focusing on a student project that I am currently planning.

Are there any other things you’ve been involved with at Ryerson?
I've been involved with the Ryerson Arts Society since before the referendum, first as a Director of Marketing, and since referendum as the English Program Director. I've also volunteered as a Research Assistant with the Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre and have been (and will be) involved with Orientation/Enrollment Workshop, as well as the Ontario University Fair, the Student Projects Grants Committee, the Tri-Mentoring program, and the English Department's Open House.


Sabrina shares her experiences working with the English Course Union and her participation in activities around campus.