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Student Spotlight

Sarah Ali


Bachelor of Arts - English (1st year)


Favourite book?

This is tough. There are too many! But if I have to name one, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Congratulations on winning the essay contest! For those who don’t know, what is the Many Gods of Canada conference?

Thanks! The Many Gods of Canada conference was a discourse on the interaction between religion and secularism in a multicultural Canada. With diversity, there come a lot of challenges of successfully navigating between the private and public spheres of the many communities that form the whole of Canada. This conference brought together some leading public intellectuals of Canada who held educational, insightful and thought-provoking talks!

Who were some of your favorite speakers?

I attended the keynote and had the privilege to listen to John Ralston Saul’s lecture ‘Where Secularism and Faith Meet in Canadian Public Life.’ He was captivating!

How did you find out about the essay contest? What was your essay about?

I received an email from my department about the contest and was interested because I feel this is universally relevant to all Canadians of all religious and social denominations. My essay was creative non-fiction in which I talked about the question of Hijab from the perspective of a Muslim who chooses not to wear it but also supports the choice of those who do. This freedom of choice is part of the very value-system that defines a pluralistic Canadian Society, and makes it the best country in the world!

What made you choose Ryerson and why the English program?

I am technically in my third year of an English program. I transferred from Laurier University to Ryerson this fall, and I am so excited and happy about this change! My studies at Ryerson are proving to be intellectually stimulating and challenging and forcing me to continually improve myself! I love it here!


Winner of the Many Gods of Canada conference essay contest