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Curriculum & Courses

BA English (Honours) Major Curriculum

In the first year, students gain a broad, interdisciplinary base of knowledge, skills, and methodologies and complete foundational studies in fictional and non-fictional texts.

Required Courses

Elective Courses

  • Two Humanities Electives (Table I)
  • Two Social Science Electives (Table I)
  • One Professionally-Related Elective (Table III)
  • One Professionally-Related Elective (Table I or III)

In second and third year, students  build a strong foundation in theory and methodology and advanced English research methods, engage in experiential learning by selecting a Practicum course from a range of electives (i.e., the 300-level courses), and increase their  breadth of knowledge and hone their literary skills by selecting a variety of English Electives.

Students can also consider studying abroad in the Winter Term of Third Year.

Required Courses

  • ENG 810 Approaches to English Research (second year)
  • ENG 400 Literary and Cultural Theory (third year)

One of in second year:

  • ENG 302 Practicum: Writing in the Arts
  • ENG 304 Practicum: Making Digital Work
  • ENG 306 Practicum: Writing Poetry
  • ENG 307 Practicum: Writing Fiction
  • ENG 308 Practicum: Grammar Principles for Editors
  • ENG 340 Practicum: Making Little Magazines
  • ENG 390 Practicum: Open Topics

Two of; one in each of second and third year:


  • SSH 301 Research Design and Qualitative Methods (second year)

Elective Courses

  • Two Lower Level Liberal Studies Electives (Table A)
  • Two Upper Level Liberal Studies Electives (Table B)
  • Seven English Electives (Table II)
  • Three Professionally-Related Elective (Table I, III, or IV)

In fourth year, students develop and showcase high-level research and writing skills and satisfy any remaining elective requirements.

Required Course

  • ENG 910 English Capstone Seminar

Elective Courses

  • Two Upper Level Liberal Studies Electives (Table B)
  • Five English Electives (Table II)
  • Two Professionally-Related Electives (Table III or IV)

English Electives (Table II)

Areas of Study Courses
Media + Cultural Studies
  • ENG 590 Studies in Word and Image
  • ENG 611 Film and Literature
  • ENG 703 Popular Literatures
  • ENG 705 Studies in Visual Cultures
  • ENG 706 Shakespeare and Performance
  • ENG 921 Narrative in a Digital Age
  • ENG 941 Gender and Sex in Literature and Culture
Urban + Global Literatures
  • ENG 223 Literatures of Exile and Migration
  • ENG 409 Urban Literatures
  • ENG 413 Literature and Colonization
  • ENG 416 American Literatures
  • ENG 417 Special Topics in American Literatures
  • ENG 620 Literatures of the Caribbean
  • ENG 621 Women's Texts, Global Contexts
  • ENG 623 Film/Lit: Middle East, North Africa
  • ENG 640 Literatures of Asia and its Diasporas
  • ENG 650 Indigenous World View
  • ENG 701 Canadian Literatures
  • ENG 710 Special Topics in Canadian Literatures
  • ENG 942 Decolonizing Literature
Literary Histories + Movements
Rhetoric, Writing + Culture
  • ENG 200 Writing as a Cultural Act
  • ENG 520 The Language of Persuasion
  • ENG 529 Controversies of Public Discourse
  • ENG 730 The Social Life of Books
Genre Studies
Independent Study
  • ENG 904 Independent Research Paper
  • ENG 907 Independent Research Project