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Student Activities

Students in Enactus Ryerson pose with Enactus Director after successfully winning the competition.

All of the Ted Rogers School of Management’s (TRSM) student groups and societies are overseen by the Ted Rogers Students' Society (TRSS), external link. The Ted Rogers Students' Society links students together from the six separate schools at TRSM under one united voice. As a student-elected society, the TRSS represents over 9,500 full-time undergraduate students across the TRSM and Ryerson University campus.

The Ryerson Entrepreneur Institute (REI) leverages Canada’s largest business school and entrepreneurship program to spread a culture of entrepreneurship and empower those in need. Our goal is to unleash and support a values-driven culture of innovation, prosperity, and achievement by igniting and supporting a passion for entrepreneurship.

REI is a global leader in sustainable co-curricular student engagement and experiential learning in entrepreneurship. It inspires and supports students as they engage in transformative co-curricular projects.

Business Innovation Hub
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Ryerson’s Business Innovation Hub (BIH) is an initiative within the Ryerson Entrepreneur Institute (REI) to help businesses during the pandemic. If your company needs to adapt, talk to us to see if we can implement a risk-free solution free of charge for you. We will meet with you 1-1 to fully understand your business and needs. Then we identify opportunities and come back with a proposal, free of charge, recommending innovative solutions. If you are happy with our work, we ask for a charitable donation to Ryerson University to make the Business Innovation Hub sustainable.

Some examples of our services include redesigning websites, marketing to youth audiences, scheduling curb-side pickups, assisting with government grants, and producing and editing videos. With the support and guidance of Ryerson ENT Faculty Advisors such as Steve Gedeon and Ann Dulhanty, the BIH aims to uplift small to medium-sized businesses through the pandemic with our team's diverse skill set. Please see the BIH website for more information, external link

Entrepreneurship Student Groups

Business Career Hub BootCamps
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The Business Career Hub at Ted Rogers School of Management provides students with opportunities to continuously upgrade and enhance technical skills. Bootcamps provide students with fast access to industry-relevant technical training to bridge the gap between curriculum and market needs.

We encourage students to participate in the below bootcamps regularly and as often as necessary.

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