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Employees with Disabilities Community Network

Who we are

Ryerson’s Employees with Disabilities Community Network includes faculty and staff with visible and non-visible disabilities. Through their mutual support, members provide a diverse perspective of their experiences of living and working with disabilities. 

Members are not required to disclose their disability in the workplace or with members of the network. They have the option to participate through a confidential listserv only or to choose to participate in activities based on their interest and availability.

What we do

The network brings together employees with disabilities, providing them with a forum to support one another through shared understanding and experiences. We also raise awareness of those with disabilities and the challenges they face, and advocate to promote an equitable and inclusive workplace for all.

The group meets on a regular basis covering a range of topics determined by member interest. Our objectives include:

  • provision of peer support and mentoring
  • fostering a community of belonging
  • generating discussion and ideas to enrich the experience of employees with disabilities
  • supporting career development of employees with disabilities
  • sharing strategies and tools
  • serving as a liaison to address identified issues or barriers to inclusion
  • promotes awareness and generates discussion around disability, accessibility and issues of equity, diversity and inclusion on the campus and beyond 

Contact us 

To get in touch with the Employees with Disabilities Community Network, please contact:

Dr. Susan Silver
Associate Professor, School of Social Work, Faculty of Community Services
Phone: 416-979-5000, ext. 6216

Sricamalan (Sri) Pathmanathan
Human Resources and Employment Equity Coordinator, Human Resources
Phone: 416-979-5000, ext. 7976