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Women's Writing Circle

Women’s Writing Circle is a facilitated safe space where women meet, write and share (with no obligations), facilitated by Sheniz Janmohamed, MFA, Artist and Educator, brings faculty, staff, and students who identify as women together to write creatively about lived experiences.

Participants will explore the joys and discomforts of winter and map their hearts/hearths though images and words. The second half of the workshop will be dedicated to self-directed creative exploration, with prompts to spark inspiration and curiosity. Participants may also bring 1-2 pages of their writing for feedback and guidance from the facilitator or their peers.

No writing experience required, open to all who identify as women.
  • WHAT:
    Women's Writing Circle
  • DATE:
    November 15 2019
  • TIME:
    12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
  • WHERE:
    JOR 1402, Jorgenson Hall
  • OPEN TO:
    Ryerson Community