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Breastfeeding at Ryerson University

Human Rights Services, in partnership with Facilities Management and Development, and Workplace Wellbeing Services, is developing a list of spaces on campus where folks can go to breastfeed (or chestfeed) their child. These spaces should be quiet, comfortable and accessible, and should also have space for pumping breastmilk. While it is each person's right to breastfeed anywhere they chose, we want to ensure that we are providing safe and private spaces to do so. 

Ideally, there would be one designated space per building on campus. However, this does not necessarily have to be a dedicated room, but rather could also be a commitment to offer a space or an office when needed.

Would your department and/or area be able to provide a space? We are happy to consult with you at any time should you have any questions. The goal is to create a guide of all the spaces available on campus for folks to access.

If you are interested in providing a space in your unit, please send a message to with the following info:

  • Location of space;
  • Brief description of space (are there chairs, closed door, fixed space vs. floating space, etc.) including how to access the space; and
  • Contact to access the space.

Spaces currently available on campus:

  • POD 254 - Human Rights Services
  • POD 64 - Tri-Mentoring Programming offices
  • Security Office - Mattamy Athletic Centre
  • Security Office - Ted Rogers School of Management
  • RSU Offices - Student Campus Centre
  • Workplace Wellbeing Services at 1 Dundas Street
  • 415 Yonge Street
  • All campus residences

We appreciate your support in this important initiative to ensure we are creating an equitable and inclusive campus for all.