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If Black students, faculty and staff are to fully belong at Ryerson the successful implementation of the recommendations listed above will go a long way in making that possible. The OVPECI should be empowered to oversee the implementation of these recommendations. For the OVPECI to oversee the successful implementation of any or all of these recommendations the office would need to receive all the necessary resources to do the work. Indeed, it is imperative that the OVPECI be fully funded as the first step in this crucially important process. The OVPECI will need qualified personnel to accomplish the tasks that await it.

Ryerson stands to once again lead in this area of post-secondary education. As the first Ontario institution to put in place a Vice-President of Equity, Community and Inclusion, Ryerson has set a standard in the sector. Black students, faculty and staff believe in Ryerson’s mission as a school committed to equity and diversity and this process offers Ryerson the opportunity to demonstrate that commitment in a deep and sustained way. Across the three constituencies interviewed for this report there remained among them a loyalty and commitment to the promise of Ryerson as a place where equity and diversity as a social good can be positively experienced by Black individuals if the right policies, practices and procedures are put into place. Those who participated in this process fully expect to see change in the future, if not for themselves, but for those who will come after them. It is now up to Ryerson to tackle the issues outlined in this report and deliver on their wish for a different and indeed better future. 

(Photos by Mark Yan via LifeTouch Canada and Selasi Dorkenoo)

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