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Ryerson community gathered in the quad for an EDI event

The Office of the Vice President Equity and Community Inclusion and the units under this office provide services to support all Ryerson community members as we work together to create and foster an environment that is genuinely, intentionally inclusive.

What we do

Leadership and strategic planning

Diversity of backgrounds and experiences makes us a stronger university. Creating an equitable, accessible and diverse campus is a shared responsibility, and leadership is necessary to further incorporate EDI into Ryerson's DNA. Through content, services and resources we engage our community to put these values on everyone’s agenda. We advocate for equity, diversity and inclusion through inclusive practices that acknowledge and help others understand the complexity of issues and how to address them.

Consultation services

We partner with teams and individuals across campus to offer guidance and advice. Through collaborative processes, we work with departments and faculties to implement inclusive, accessible best practices into:

  • services and procedures
  • policy review and revision
  • decision-making
  • academic processes
  • curriculum development
  • aspirational goals and academic plans
Workshops and events

We foster a more inclusive environment through a variety of engaging equity-related workshops and events that serve many purposes at the university:

  • awareness-raising
  • celebrations
  • commemorative events
  • guest speakers
  • panel discussions
  • training

These initiatives provide education and awareness, celebrate our diversity and commemorate our histories, providing opportunities for discussion and space for voices that have not been traditionally included.

Assessment and monitoring

Through both quantitative data and qualitative studies, we help to identify systemic barriers and patterns in employment, student engagement and curriculum. In turn, Ryerson faculties and departments are able to use this information to create plans and strategies that improve the work experience of Ryerson employees and the campus climate for students.

Human rights services

We provide faculty, staff and students with both formal and informal, as well as systemic and individual, complaint resolution. We also support students addressing academic policies that create barriers and resolve issues with accommodations.

Our team is here to collaborate with the whole campus. Visit our contact page and get in touch with us to learn about how you can impact equity, diversity and inclusion on campus.