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The ERI is devoted to investigating the role that entrepreneurs play in modern economies. In keeping with the reputation of Ryerson University and the Ted Rogers School of Management, ERI focuses on research of high academic and intellectual value, with clear applicability to practitioners in the business community. ERI also plans periodic seminars and symposia on topics of interest to scholars of entrepreneurship.


Open to any Ryerson University scholar actively contributing to research in entrepreneurship, as indicated by publishing PRJs: 

  • Charles Davis
  • Steve Gedeon
  • Dave Valliere
  • Phil Walsh
  • Sean Wise
  • Alison Kemper
  • Ken Grant
  • Charlene Nicholls-Nixon

Areas of Interest

Innovation, international economics, public policy, strategy, finance, media and culture, industry complexity, e-commerce, education

  • Where do new business opportunities come from?
  • Why do only some people see these opportunities?
  • Why do only some people take action to exploit opportunities?
  • What makes their efforts more/less successful?



 Charlene Nicholls-Nixon
 BComm, MBA, PhD
 Director of ERI

 Office: TRS3-133 
 Phone: 416-979-5000 
              ext. 3604

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