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Elevator Chats!

ELevator Chats is a series of informal conversations intended to make space for those ideas, while deepening our connections and conversations in the EL community. 

ELevator Chats will took place every Tuesday during the Fall 2020 semester.

Sessions occurred on an ongoing basis rotating between four themes:

  • EL Placements a space to discuss ways to collaborate with on-campus partners, while ensuring that students have pedagogically sound and safe experiences when in placements and internships.
  • EL in the Classroom to hear ideas from across campus about how EL is being integrated into the classroom or help problem solve through shared concerns.
  • Our community brought questions regarding administration, organizing and procedures to EL Logistics and Processes sessions. 
  • Co-curricular EL sessions focused its conversations on all the valuable work being done through the many forms of co-curricular EL we have at Ryerson.

Senate Policy 

A Senate policy review committee for Policy 156 was formed to review the need for policy pertaining to experiential learning at Ryerson. After a number of consultation sessions, Senate Policy 169 - Experiential Learning has officially passed and enacted!

The Experiential Learning Hub will be working with groups around campus to ensure the policy implementation is feasible and manageable. Thank you to all who provided feedback and assisted in developing this policy. 

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Previous Community of Practice Highlights

Missed a COP? Read discussion highlights from previous communities of practices.

Community of Practice 5

Experiential Learning hosted our fifth Community of Practice on Tuesday, November 3! During this gather we asked our community to share questions they had about EL in the Winter. As well, EL provided an update as we continue to prepare for a remote Winter semester. 

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Strategic Mandate Agreement (SMA3)

Ryerson is currently negotiating the Strategic Mandate Agreement for 2020-2025. The Ontario government announced they would be moving forward with a performance/outcomes-based funding system, with experiential learning listed as one of the funding metrics. Ryerson’s EL Director, Anita Abraham, currently sits on the SMA committee.