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Public Realm

Rendering of proposed design for Gould Street, featuring level roads without curbs.

As Ryerson grows, it must continue to provide a vibrant and engaging network of public spaces that promote a vibrant and harmonious campus life for its students, employees and the broader community. We have developed a vision for Ryerson’s public realm that will help to create welcoming and inspiring spaces that enrich the campus experience.

Launch of the Public Realm Plan

Thanks to thoughtful input from the Ryerson community throughout its development, the Public Realm Plan was launched in October 2016.   

Some highlights from the community consultations that went into shaping the Plan included:

  • Placemaking is important; the plan should create high-quality destinations.

  • Planting and greenery, lighting, public art and street furniture are popular wants.

  • Some approaches can achieve multiple goals (e.g. lighting can address safety but also be a public art statement).

  • First priority project is Gould Street.

Phased approach allows for achievable goals

The Campus Public Realm Plan is broken into phases to ensure realistic implementation goals. As projects are selected to go forward, we will begin another round of discussions and workshops with the community to further inform the detailed design process.

Guiding document outlines vision and plans

PDF Ryerson University Campus Public Realm Plan

PDF fileRyerson Campus Public Realm Plan

The Ryerson Campus Public Realm Plan provides the vision for Ryerson as a leading innovation university and city builder, and serves as a resource of tools to implement that vision. It sets out flexible guidelines for improving our public spaces that prioritize safety, accessibility and quality of place. It supports our Master Plan Principles, including priorities such as pedestrianization, design excellence, and taking a People First approach.

To view this document on your mobile device, go to the PDF fileRyerson Campus Public Realm Plan Mobile Link.