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Cyclists will experience access restrictions and changes to parking locations throughout the Campus Core Revitalization 2019 project. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with this information to help reduce frustrations during construction.

General recommendations

  • Where safe, stick to cycling on city streets outside the project implementation zone.
  • Dismount your bicycle prior to entering the affected zone.
    • Try to park your bicycle prior to entering the affected zone to avoid creating additional congestion along the designated pedestrian routes, e.g. Pitman Hall Quad.
Bicycles parked and locked.

Bike parking on campus during construction

Ryerson is committed to sustainable transportation and to supporting our cycling community. A variety of bike parking options will remain available, however some designated bike parking areas are being temporarily relocated to prevent congestion in high-traffic pedestrian areas. Please review important details about parking bikes on campus during the construction period:

Locations and descriptions of bike parking during construction are included here in table and map form for your reference. In addition, the City of Toronto maintains several bike rings along the streets that surround the Campus Core Revitalization 2019 area that may provide good alternatives to campus facilities during construction.

Map of campus indicating bike parking locations during construction as described in accompanying table.

Number on map




Jorgenson Hall (JOR) and Gerrard Street

Four bike racks have been relocated to the north end of JOR along Gerrard Street where they are within the range of security camera monitoring.


Student Learning Centre (SLC)

Bike staple-rings will remain on the north side of Gould Street near O’Keefe Lane and the SLC.

3 Bike Share station at Gould Street near Yonge Street The Bike Share station has been relocated from Victoria Street to the south side of Gould Street across from O’Keefe Lane.

4 and 5

Heaslip House and The G. Raymond Chang School for Continuing Education (CED)

Ryerson-owned bike racks will remain by CED just south of Lake Devo and within the range of security camera monitoring.


Southwest arch of Kerr Hall

Four bike racks will remain in the southwest arch of Kerr Hall.


Southeast arch of Kerr Hall

Three bike racks will remain in the southeast arch of Kerr Hall.

8 and 9

School of Image Arts (IMA)

The two bike racks beside IMA on the west side of Bond Street will remain in place.


South Bond Building (SBB)

A bike rack is available in front of SBB.


Heidelberg Centre - School of Graphics Communications Management (HEI)

A bike rack will remain available in front of HEI.


Behind O’Keefe House

Four bike racks have been relocated from Gould Street in front of Balzac’s to the greenspace behind O’Keefe House to improve pedestrian circulation along Gould Street.


Student Campus Centre (SCC)

Four bike racks are available in front of the SCC.


Pitman Quad

Bike racks are available in the Pitman Hall Quad.

The Bike Share station on Victoria Street in front of Heaslip House and The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education (CED) has been relocated to Gould Street by Yonge Street. An additional Bike Share station will be placed at Victoria Street and Dundas Street East when the Campus Core Revitalization project is complete.

Do you have feedback to improve bike parking during construction?

If you have any feedback to help us improve bike parking during this transitional phase, please contact the FMD Help Desk at or 416-979-5091 to let us know so we can review and, if necessary, reconfigure bike parking options.

Contribution from the City of Toronto

Ryerson would like to acknowledge the generous contribution of $7 million in funding towards the overall budget of this project from the City of Toronto and the tremendous support from Toronto City Councillor Wong-Tam.

Stay in the loop

Any major changes that will affect your on-campus travels will be posted using the following communications channels:


For media inquiries, please contact Brian Tran, communications and media relations, by email at or by phone at 416-979-5000, ext. 3339.