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Indigenous Placemaking

Aerial photograph of the Ryerson community members enjoying the Kerr Hall Quad

Indigenous Acknowledgement Installation

Ryerson is committed to actively fulfilling the recommendations identified by PDF fileTruth and Reconciliation at Ryerson University report. As part of this effort, we are undertaking the design and implementation of a physical marker that acknowledges the Indigenous histories of the land where Ryerson now resides, recognizes the truth of Indigenous narratives, and celebrates the ongoing contributions of Indigenous cultures to the social fabric of our community.

Shaping the vision with community involvement

The first stage toward actualizing this installation is a request for your feedback. Ryerson is soliciting comments and suggestions to help us develop a design concept, build understanding and guide the implementation of the project.

We invite all members of Ryerson’s community to take part in upcoming Sharing Circles or share their contributions as online comments.

Working design sessions

Following the Sharing Circles, we will hold follow-up workshops for participants to discuss options, share insight, and bring their recommendations to the larger group.

Design development

The designers will then use the community’s input to steer the development of a concept design to bring to the community for further review and discussion.

How you can get involved

The Sharing Circles have now concluded and the deadline for written comments has passed. We would like to thank everyone who took part in this phase of the process. Your opinions provide a valuable reference tool for the designers and we appreciate the efforts of all contributors.

Key questions and considerations: 

To help refine community feedback, we ask that you consider these fundamental questions that will help steer the project development:

  1. What do you feel are the most important things to acknowledge with respect to Indigenous cultures and the land where Ryerson sits? 
  2. What form should this physical acknowledgement take? Would it be presented best in words, images, sculpture, or some other format?  
  3. Who do you feel should be included if specific references are made to Indigenous peoples?


For comments or questions about this project, please contact Nic de Salaberry, director, planning and development, by email at or by telephone at 416-979-5000, ext. 553428.

For media inquiries, please contact Johanna Vandermass, Manager, Public Affairs by email at or by telephone at (416) 979-5000, ext. 4630.