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Sustainability Office

Green spaces are nurtured on campus.

The Sustainability Office is led by Stephanie MacPhee, manager, sustainability. Under Stephanie’s direction, the team works to make our campus and community a sustainable environment. They consult with other Facilities teams and the Ryerson community to define priorities, identify best practices and develop opportunities to advance sustainability. 

General inquiries
416-979-5000, ext. 556273


Stephanie MacPhee
Manager, Sustainability
416-979-5000, ext. 543523

The Sustainability Office is currently developing Ryerson’s first Sustainability Action Plan — outlining Ryerson’s goals and priorities over the next five years.

Green roof systems are integral to all new construction at Ryerson University

What we do

As a champion of responsible environmental stewardship, the team participates in environmental education and community engagement initiatives to help Ryerson maintain its momentum promoting the values of sustainability and environmental literacy in teaching and practice. 

The team also keeps records on energy consumption and collects and analyses institutional data that will help identify future opportunities to improve sustainability in our programs, research, operations and infrastructure.