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Ryerson has almost 80 elevators and combined they travel hundreds of thousands of vertical kilometers each year. They include passenger elevators, freight elevators and dumbwaiters.  

Our campus’ elevators range from 45 years old to brand-new installations. As critical facility assets, they are part of an extensive planning and budgeting process for preventative maintenance, as well as upgrades and gradual replacement of our older elevators and infrastructure.

As Ryerson continues its innovative vertical-campus plans, elevators will play a critical role in accessibility and how we move through the spaces we build.

Addressing ongoing elevator issues on campus

In partnership with Facilities Management and Development (FMD), our contracted elevator service company is developing a service improvement plan to improve response and resolution times for elevator outages, and to strengthen the preventative maintenance program.

Prioritizing service for buildings with only one elevator

Our elevator service company recognizes the unique and critical demands of our campus and will be allocating additional resources to improve elevator reliability and support monthly maintenance. They are also creating a service priority program that recognizes buildings with only one elevator as critical systems for accessibility that require prioritized service.

Planning for large-scale repairs

In addition, Ryerson is reviewing proposals from our elevator service company for large-scale repairs for elevators with obsolete components that have resulted in long-term or repeated outages.

Opt-in to receive emails about access restrictions due to elevator outages

To keep the community up-to-date about elevator outages, Ryerson Facilities Management and Development posts a service alert on the FMD website. The service alerts include important information about anticipated repair timelines, if available, and alternative accessible routes.

If the elevator outage impacts access (i.e. it is the only elevator in the building), an email is sent to a targeted list as quickly as possible within regular business hours.

If you would like to opt-in to receive service alerts emails about elevator outages that impact access, sign up to be on the Elevator Outage Service Alert notification list.

google formElevator Service Alert Notification List Sign Up, external link

If you signed up to receive elevator outage notifications and would like to be removed from that mail list, please contact the FMD Help Desk at or 416-979-5091. Please note that once you've made this request, there may be a slight delay in applying the change. You may still receive elevator outage notifications if you are an employee who is identified as belonging to a department with space in the affected building.

What to do if an elevator malfunctions while you are in it

When an elevator malfunctions, any riders are released and then the elevator is then temporarily shut down until it can be examined by a technician.

If you are stranded in an elevator, it’s most important to remember to stay calm. Never attempt to free yourself, unless you are specifically instructed to do so by the Fire Department or emergency services, as it could create an unnecessary danger.

  1. Remain calm and use the emergency phone, intercom or alarm button to signal for assistance and alert Ryerson Security who will dispatch a technician.
  2. If you have a cellphone or mobile device, you can contact Ryerson Security at or 416-979-5040.
  3. In the case of emergency, call 911.
  4. Be prepared to provide the following information:
    • Your name
    • Building name
    • Elevator location and floor (if known)
    • Current situation
  5. Help reassure other passengers and remain calm until help arrives.

Planning for accessibility needs in the event of evacuations

There are many types of health conditions and impairments that may affect a person’s ability to safely evacuate a building. Leaders and employees can review the Evacuation Plans for People Requiring Assistance information for guidance on setting up emergency information and procedures related to accessibility needs during evacuations.


If you have any questions, please contact the FMD Help Desk at or 416-979-5091.