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Renovation and Construction Project Requests

Project intake process

Facilities Management and Development (FMD) plans, schedules and allocates resources for executing projects that are aligned with key university priorities, including:

  • Infrastructure projects that are critical to maintaining our physical plant.
  • Accessibility projects that support our commitment to having an inclusive campus.
  • Energy-saving projects that reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Projects that support Ryerson’s growth, such as planning new buildings and fitting-out leased facilities.
  • Projects that keep our community healthy and safe.

New project requests are triaged, prioritized and scheduled with a view to balancing these requirements with available resources.

Winter 2019 term project requests

Please note: During the Winter 2019 term, FMD project management resources are fully committed to planning the execution of spring/summer construction projects. Therefore, only projects that are related to emergency, or health and safety needs will be resourced from January through April. Project requests submitted during this time will be reviewed in the new fiscal year, commencing May 1, 2019.

For emergency projects, please submit your requests by email to the FMD Help Desk at

Chargeback fees

Effective May 1, 2018, project requests are subject to a chargeback fee. Facilities Management and Development (FMD) have established three types of chargeback fees to allow us to effectively scale resources to new projects. For more information, please review the PDF fileFMD Project Management Fees Memo.

FMD will provide an initial cost estimate to support project and budget planning.

For complex projects, a feasibility study may be required to assess the project’s viability.

FMD will include in all new build and renovation project cost estimates a 2% project management fee based on the total project value. This will be used to ensure sufficient internal or external resources can be engaged to complete all projects under management. This fee will not apply to projects valued under $100,000 and will be adjusted to the final project cost.