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Waste Management and Recycling

Custodial staff service the central waste and recycling stations in all Ryerson University-owned campus buildings. This includes making sure the stations are emptied, clean and free from odours. An external contractor removes all waste and recycled materials from campus.

How you can help

Ryerson community members are encouraged to make use of the central waste and recycling stations to dispose of their materials appropriately. To learn about different recycling programs available at Ryerson and how you can help divert waste from landfill, visit What Waste Goes Where.

For employees working in Ryerson-owned office spaces, please note that you are responsible for emptying your desk-side recycling bin into a centralized recycling station.

The recycling programs in buildings not owned by Ryerson vary. For employees working in these spaces, please contact the FMD Help Desk at or 416-979-5091 for more information.

Paper shredding

Paper shredding services are available upon request. Complete the Service Request Form or contact the FMD Help Desk at or 416-979-5091 to submit your request.

Facilities Management and Development (FMD) staff will deliver a locked shredding bin to your area within five business days of your request. Once the confidential paper materials have been loaded into the bin, contact us to let us know it is ready for pickup. A member of the FMD custodial staff will move the bin to a secure area for shredding.