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Two people conversing in front of a sustainability display about four stream waste receptacles.

Sustainability initiatives at Ryerson University have grown as a result of active engagement from diverse groups across campus. Students, faculty and staff work hard to advance Ryerson’s environmental performance. By working together, we are strengthening a culture of sustainability that encourages us all to participate and do our part.

Ryerson’s Sustainability Office offers training for students and employees about actions that they can implement on campus and beyond to contribute to a more sustainable future. We also provide leadership and professional development opportunities through internships and skills-based volunteering. While the university strives to improve operations and build systems that make sustainability inherent, individual behaviours have an impact on the overall success of lowering our environmental footprint. 

You can get involved and contribute towards improved sustainability practices at Ryerson:

  • browse our list of volunteer opportunities for students
  • learn about opportunities across campus with other Ryerson departments and groups
  • participate in our upcoming events
  • adopt simple sustainability tips

Volunteer with Ryerson’s Sustainability Office

The Sustainability Office is seeking student volunteers who are passionate about sustainability and interested in contributing to a more sustainable campus. Learn about opportunities available in 2020:

Three volunteers wearing 'At Ryerson, Sustainability Matters' t-shirts.

Sustainability Ambassador Program

Sustainability Ambassadors work to lead and inspire students, staff and faculty by organizing projects, initiatives and campaigns that promote a culture of sustainability at Ryerson. Students can apply for this opportunity which requires a minimum contribution of 5 to 10 hours per month during the academic year.

Learn more and apply to be a Sustainability Ambassador.

Four Ryerson students hugging the WWF panda mascot.

Living Planet @ Campus Program

In partnership with WWF Canada, students can apply to participate in the Living Planet @ Campus Program which allows you to take meaningful actions to improve sustainability practices within their own lives and on campus. The program offers a number of opportunities including community clean-ups, hackathon competitions, and grant funding. 

Learn more and apply to the Living Planet @ Campus Program.

Sustainability initiatives on the Ryerson campus

Ongoing efforts by students, faculty and staff fuel innovative contributions towards greater environmental sustainability at Ryerson and beyond. Learn more about these exciting departments and groups you can get involved with.s.

University-led initiatives

Ryerson Urban Farm: The rooftop farm located on the Andrew and Valerie Pringle Environmental Green Roof is currently under construction. The volunteer program has been put on hold until summer 2020.

Student-led initiatives

Upcoming events