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How We Work

Ryerson University’s sustainability program integrates sustainability as a core value of the university. We work to improve the sustainability of Ryerson’s operations by supporting and promoting sustainability initiatives and activities across campus. We do this through education, engagement, record-keeping and strategy.

A university-wide commitment

Ryerson is committed to a more sustainable future and supports both the Ontario Universities Committed to a Greener World pledge, external link and the Talloires Declaration, external link — an action plan for institutions dedicated to promoting the values of sustainability and environmental literacy in teaching and practice.

Principles that guide our work

We approach our work with a common set of objectives and values which provide direction for all that we do.

We pursue opportunities to improve the sustainability of our campus, embracing the contributions of our entire community and serving as a catalyst for broader transformation.

As part of our commitment to delivering an exceptional educational experience, Ryerson is developing sustainable operating practices and capital investment strategies. This transformation towards greater sustainability is achieved by engaging and collaborating with academics, researchers, students, administrators and other stakeholders.

Collaboration: With people at the program’s core, we engage stakeholders throughout and beyond our community by promoting inclusion, participation and partnership.

Innovation: We explore and discover new, creative and inspiring ways to overcome challenges and produce exceptional results.

Efficiency: We seize opportunities that enable us to conserve resources and centralize sustainability efforts in order to eliminate the duplication of efforts.

Fun: Our program promotes a culture that encourages people to contribute towards sustainability in a way that is inspiring and positive.

Stewardship: Through participation, our community members share experiences that ignite an interest and motivation to challenge the status quo for sustainability both on- and off-campus.

Empowering our community

Community involvement is a key component of Ryerson’s sustainability program. We help empower student groups, faculties and departments who are working to advance sustainability by offering:

  • subject matter expertise and resources;
  • opportunities to promote your work;
  • connections to potential collaborators; and in some cases,
  • direct collaboration.

For more information, contact Sharmilla Raj, sustainability coordinator at or 416-979-5000, ext. 6273.