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Faculty Course Survey

Information for Students

The Faculty Course Survey (FCS) is an online student survey of your opinions of the instruction and delivery of course materials. It is your opportunity to make your voice heard and to express your honest feedback on your learning experience at Ryerson University.

The following prizes are being offered to all eligible students who complete at least one online survey in the Fall 2017 term:

For students registered in an undergraduate or a graduate course:

- Two (2) Apple Watches Series 3 (valued at approximately $429 each).

For students registered in a Chang School course:

- Seven (7) Cadillac Fairview gift certificates (valued at $100 each).

Read Ryerson University Regulations for Fall 2017 Faculty Course Survey (FCS) Contest

On your desktop computer or a laptop:

  1. Log in to external, using your Ryerson ID (user name) and password. If you need help with your ID and/or password, contact CCS help desk at 416-979-5000, ext.6806, or send an email to
  2. Click "Faculty Course Survey" link located on my.ryerson home page, "Participate" module
  3. Click "Complete the Survey" link
Faculty Course Survey link on portal

On your mobile device:

  1. Open your Internet browser and go to external, (Ryerson mobile) or download "Ryerson Mobile" application from the App store
  2. Click "Faculty Course Survey" link
  3. Log in using your Ryerson ID and password
  4. Complete the survey(s)
Faculty Course Survey link on Ryerson Mobile (

Day, graduate and Chang School students may participate in evaluation. You must be currently enrolled in a Ryerson University course that is subject to the FCS survey.

This is your opportunity to make your voice heard.

First, your professors are given the anonymous results of the evaluations. These results provide them with valuable information about your opinions of the course and the way it was taught. Professors take these results very seriously in planning their subsequent courses.

Second, the results of the first fourteen questions are shared with the specified members of the administration of Ryerson University. These results are one important component in the performance evaluation of faculty.

external,View FCS aggregate results

Finally, you now have the opportunity to provide written comments directly to your professor, online.

The survey consists of three sections: 1) University Standard Questions, 2) Optional Course-Specific Questions, and 3) Supplementary Comments where you can provide a written feedback to instructor/professor.  Your responses to the first two sections are strictly anonymous and confidential.  Although your Ryerson username and password is required to log into external, portal to complete Faculty Course surveys, any identifying information is stripped from your responses at the time the survey is submitted.

Using a unique username/password is necessary to make sure you complete the survey(s) that you are eligible to complete, to ensure each survey is only completed once, and to contact you should you win a prize for participating.  However, your professor will NOT be able to identify how you answered the questions, and in fact will not even know who completed the survey and who didn't.

Results of section 3 of each survey where you make comments about the course or the instructor/professor are anonymous, unless disclosure is required by law.  Please bear in mind that you are accountable for what you say under Ryerson's Student Code of Non-Academic Conduct PDF

Please note that although some Faculty Course surveys will be available before the final course drop date, only responses from students who remain in the course will be included in the aggregate results provided to the faculty and department. As in normal practice, no student identity will be linked to any individual responses.

The Faculty Course Survey results usually become available for professors to view on January 8, 2018 at 4:00 p.m.

Exception: Graduate Studies instructors for Communication & Culture will be able to view their evaluation results on January 15, 2018 at 4:00 p.m.

No, you are not required to complete the faculty course survey.

Send an email to external, if you need help with or have questions about Faculty Course Survey.

If you need help with your Ryerson ID and/or password, contact CCS help desk at 416-979-5000, ext.6806, or send an email to

Some course sections will also be evaluated on paper in classrooms. Paper-based evaluation is available in Fall and Winter semesters.