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Department Hiring Committee (DHC) Processes and Resources

Quick Reminders 

  • The faculty recruitment portal can be accessed at the following link using your Ryerson credentials: 
  • Remember to let our office know (via who your Equity Advocate is so that we can provide them with access to view the completed Applicant Diversity Self IDs.
  • For those who were unable to attend our session titled Towards an Inclusive Hiring Model, view the presentation and the recording, external link of this session.
  • When drafting your ads, please remember to use the current templates found on this webpage below. When submitting your ad, please include in your e-mail to whether departmental consultation has been completed and also provide the name of your Equity Advocate.

google docDHC Checklist, external link 

  • Getting started
  • The job profile, advertiings & outreach
  • The preferred candidate list & the campus visit
  • The hiring recommendation
  • Concluding the search process