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Application Process

If you’re feeling inspired by what we offer, than you’ve passed the first test. To complete your application, please complete the following steps:

  1. Apply online (currently accepting student applications until January 6).
  2. Screening - your application will be reviewed in an initial screening process. Only successfully-screened applicants will be invited for an interview with the Admissions team.
  3. Interview - come in for a pitch and conversation where our Admissions team gets to know you and your business.
    1. For students applying to our Associate and Apprentice program, we will bring you in for a meeting where we get to know your skills and your goals.
  4. Offer - You receive a formal invitation to the Fashion Zone program
  5. Onboarding - Attend an Onboarding session to complete your application, learn about our full program, and meet fellow onboarding members of the Fashion Zone family.

The process from application to onboarding takes about two months. Good luck!


Do you have a business plan? How about a product or prototype? Does your business and/or product have a social media following, traction and sales?  If so, you’re ready to apply as a Fashion Zone company.

If accepted, your company will be granted a 3-month membership.

Please note, there is no cost for the first four months of incubation. However, business insurance is required.

At the four-month mark, all new companies are subject to review.

Applications are currently closed. Stay tuned on our social media for our next intake!

Apply here during application period.


An associate is a current Ryerson student with an early-stage business idea that gets matched with a Fashion Zone start-up to develop skills and a concept.

This membership is suited for those wanting to learn how to build a business. Learn and apply critical skills in order to grow within the Zone and within the Ryerson Campus.

Associates are eligible for internship hours. The general term for this membership is 6 months.

Applications will are currently open until September 26. Find out more and apply here.