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Apply Now to the Associate and Apprentice Program Winter 2020!

Looking to gain real world experience, build your entrepreneurial skills, and join a vibrant community of entrepreneurs? Fashion Zone's Associate and Apprentice Program is just what you're looking for!
January 15, 2020

The Associate and Apprentice (A+A) program is a leading experiential learning experience exclusively for Ryerson students that matches students with start-ups to engage in real-world working opportunities. Student engagement is a top priority at the Fashion Zone; as such the program aims to create experiential learning opportunities for Ryerson students to develop their skills outside of the classroom.

Associate and Apprentice Program
  1. Get access to networking opportunities
  2. Attend unique workshops
  3. Gain hands-on experience from a Fashion Zone start-up
  4. Leverage resources to build your own start-up
  5. Receive internship hours
  6. Build your portfolio/resume 
  7. Be part of an entrepreneurial community

Accepted students will get matched with a Fashion Zone start-up for a 4-month term where students will offer their time (approximately 6-10 hours per week) to work for the start-up. The student and the start-up will establish a working arrangement, which includes details on compensation, scope of work, and project timelines and deliverables. During the term, students will have full access to all the resources at the Fashion Zone, and are invited to attend the Associate and Apprentice Roundtables.

At the end of the 4-month term, the student and the start-up will have the opportunity to either renew their arrangement or switch teams.

A+A Roundtables

This program is meant to share the learning from student experiences working with zone start-ups, and to provide additional support to develop the students’ entrepreneurial skill sets.

The Roundtables feature a discussion of specific projects and tasks as a member of a zone company, planned programming on start-up topics such as business development, marketing, and community relations, along with networking opportunities with other Fashion Zone associates and apprentices.

  1. Apply online
  2. Come in for a screening with our Member Services team
  3. Register and attend a speed-networking session to meet our start-ups
  4. Submit top choices for start-ups
  5. Get matched with a start-up by our team
  6. Attend an onboarding session
  7. Start working with the start-up
  8. Attend A+A Roundtable sessions to learn about topics and meet other students
  9. Check in with our team
  10. Re-new membership with the same or different company OR exit the program
  1. How long is the program?
    1. Students can enroll for 4 months and then transition to a new team 
  2. Is it guaranteed that a student will be matched to a start-up?
    1. The Fashion Zone is open to working with all Ryerson students as long as there are available vacancies with the start-ups.
  3. When are applications open?
    1. The Fashion Zone accepts students on a rolling basis.
  4. Is this program open to all Ryerson students?
    1. The Fashion Zone is open to all Ryerson students who have an interest in entrepreneurship.


Apply Now!


  • What I lack in business experience I make up for in imagination and vision
  • I am a Ryerson student with an interest in entrepreneurship
  • I have an idea but do not have a full business plan
  • I want to learn the skills to build a fashion business
  • I am looking for internship hours
  • Apply as an associate


  • I don’t yet have a killer idea, but I know it’s in me
  • I am a Ryerson student with an interest in entrepreneurship
  • I want to learn the skills to build a fashion business
  • I am looking for internship hours
  • Apply as an apprentice