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Message from the Chair

Chair of School of Fashion, Ben Barry

Fashion can change the world!

I love fashion! Fashion allows us to imagine possibilities and design them into reality. Fashion is a portal into new worlds and, for many of us, utopias. Fashion connects our bodies to the land, water and sky, and it connects us to ourselves and each other.

In our school, we aim to use fashion to overhaul systems of oppression and design just ways of being, living and engaging with the world. You will develop worldviews and practices that intentionally welcome-in those who have been excluded from the fashion industry, open up possibilities about beauty and the body, and help us live in harmony with animals and the earth. 

This is a place where you can be you. Your full self is honoured, celebrated and valued in our classes and in our school. We particularly aim to cultivate a community that centers Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, queer, trans, non-binary, disabled and other folks. Our faculty values your lived experiences and identities as knowledge and we encourage you to draw from these experiences and perspectives to inspire your work and redesign the fashion industry. 

Since 1948, Fashion at Ryerson has led the fashion industry. Our graduates run their own fashion labels and media companies; they make major creative and business decisions; and their artistic and research practices transform academic fields, government policies, business strategies and popular culture. Our graduates boldly lead our fashion industry and shape our society.

We are all excited to see how you will fiercely push forward our guiding principles of inclusion, decolonization and sustainability and design the industry and world that we need. 

Ben Barry, PhD


Fashion at Ryerson




"YOU WILL LEARN HOW to use fashion to promote body confidence, inclusion and sustainability."