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Illustration by Tamia Campbell, Year 4 Fashion Design

2020 Fashion Awards 

The School of Fashion would like to honour and thank our generous award donors for their continued support. We are pleased to announce our 2020 award recipients. 

Congratulations to all of our award winners!

Adele Turcotte Memorial Award

Donor Anonymous

Anusha Kuhanathan

Anusha Kuhanathan is a first year Fashion student. In her free time, she enjoys browsing through magazines and runway archives. Anusha hopes to meet everyone in person very soon!


Sabrina Tranfaglia

Sabrina Tranfaglia is a first year Fashion Design student. Prior to attending Ryerson University, she studied fashion and art at Haute Couture Academy of Fine Arts and Design. It has always been her dream to become a Fashion student at Ryerson University and she was able to achieve this with many years of sewing experience. Sabrina is excited to continue her journey at Ryerson and to see what the future holds.

Kelly Woo

Kelly Woo is a first year Fashion student from Toronto. Her work is largely influenced by personal experiences and cultural identity. Working in a variety of media such as knitting and textile upcycling, she is driven by experimenting with materials and storytelling through clothing.

Craig Chindemi, Donor

On behalf of the Chindemi Family, congratulations on your academic achievement.  As the newest alumni member of the Allan J. Chindemi Memorial Award, we welcome you to an outstanding group of dedicated professionals in Menswear design. 

My brother was an outstanding teacher and although Ryerson has an impressive faculty, you would have benefitted from his commitment to teaching and his challenging style.  

Over time, as you build your career I hope you will be able to look back at this helping hand as a positive influence, and, do what you can to benefit future students and serve your alma mater.


Craig Chindemi

Joshua Drakes

"Thank you for this reward. It has inspired me to work on my craft even more and invest in materials, equipment, and machinery that will benefit me at and after Ryerson. I've never been one to look to far into the future but I would hope that in the next 5 years I could build a name for myself and the crazy ideas that flow through my brain hourly. One thing that I have learned along the way through my education is that hard-work beats talent 10 times out of 10. If you can't get to something, find another way and by any means necessary do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams."



Alice Mitchell Whitley Award in Apparel Design

Donor Anonymous

Ana Maria Iorga

Alice Mitchell Whitley Award in Apparel Design 3rd Year FD

Ana Maria Iorga is in her third year in the Fashion Design program here at Ryerson. Becoming a fashion designer has been her dream for as long as she can remember and feels so fortunate to be here learning from a beautiful community of people. Since her journey began at Ryerson, Ana has gained knowledge, experience and tools to make her way into the field and cannot wait to complete her final collection next year. For more information on Ana and to see her portfolio, you can visit her website - - or follow her on instagram @iorga_anamaria


Roy Luo

Alice Mitchell Whitley Award in Apparel Design 4th Year FD

Roy Luo is a current fourth-year Fashion Design student engaging in a capstone project at the School of Fashion on the intersection of wearable art and queer objects. He recently participated in exchange abroad (and from home) at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, working as a part of iNDiViDUALS Studio. He is a recipient of the Alice Mitchell Whitley Award in Apparel Design this year.

Arthur Lee, Donor

Made in Canada fashion talent is an important part of our country’s history and success. Arthur Lee & Family are proud to support Ryerson and its gifted student pool.



Iryna Tereshchenko

After moving from the Ukraine, Iryna found out about Ryerson University and it immediately became her dream school - she is currently enrolled in the Fashion program. Iryna is thankful to have received the Arthur Lee Family award.

Gabrielle Vaillancourt

Gabbie is interested in the sociological perspective of the fashion industry, and is passionate about arts & culture journalism and photography. She currently serves as Assistant Editor of HALOSCOPE magazine. Gabbie hopes to create spaces for meaningful representation in fashion media.

Haley Gibson, Birds of North America, Donor

Black Fashion Student Association First Year Award

"Congratulations! During this especially challenging time, I hope this will help you to either immerse yourself fully into first year with fewer worries, or to design your fourth year collection with a lighter heart, whichever place you find yourself in! Wishing you all the best in your time at Ryerson, and beyond."

-Haley Gibson, Owner, Birds of America

Heidi Ruggier, Matte PR, Donor

Black Fashion Student Association Third Year Award

Matte PR is dedicated to elevating diverse voices within fashion.

"I would like to personally congratulate you on earning this prestigious award. Your dedication and hard work are paying off. Keep it up! Through winning this award you are now part of the extended nMatte PR family. If I can ever help in any way, you can count on me for mentorship, advice and professional support. My door is open to you."

- Heidi Ruggier, President & Founder, Matte PR

Folakemi Oseni

Black Fashion Student Association First Year Award

Fashion has been Folakemi's dream for almost her entire life, studying fashion at the highest level has been what she always wanted. Being here right now, knowing that now and in the future she will get the chance to be in the fashion industry, to motivate, inspire and represent her race and culture, it is everything to Folakemi. She hopes to be part of the new generation of Nigerian fashion designers, Black fashion designers, designers all over the world; designers who make a difference and continue to change how we see and experience fashion.


Prudence Mekongue Ekwele

Black Fashion Student Association Third Year Award

Prudence Mekongue is a 4th year Fashion Design student from Cameroon. Studying fashion design had always been Prudence's dream and her experience as a fashion student from Cameroon helped her understand the importance of building and living in an inclusive and diverse community. Prudence is currently working on her graduation collection titled " The Town Crier" collection. This collection is inspired by American civil rights activist, essayist James Baldwin and how through the relevance of his work in the current racial climate, he can be considered a parallel to a West African town crier. Through this collection Prudence hopes we will be curious enough to dive into our history books and do some research about where we are from and how it affects our decisions today. "Your history is your presence" - James Baldwin

Brettons' Designer of the Year Award

Donor Anonymous

Jessica Bola

Jessica Bola currently designs under the brand name INTERMISSION, with a primary focus on pattern manipulation and environmentally conscious design.

Carrie Souter Memorial Award

Ilustration by Carrie Souter



Marsh Birchard and Nancy Moore, Motion Clothing, Donors

"Carrie was a gifted illustrator with a confident style that flowed easily and captured the essence of the clothing she was illustrating.  Good illustrators are collaborative and communicating is essential.  We hope this year's recipient brings that skill to their art."

-Marsh Birchard and Nancy Moore

Charles Milgrom, Donor

"Carrie was considered one of the better designers in Canada but more importantly, an amazing sketch artist, and one of the kindest and nicest people in the trade. Over the years that we knew each other, we travelled to shows and had innumerable meetings where she showed herself to have her feet firmly planted on the ground, yet had a sense of colour and trends that made her stand out.

I only can hope for any young designer to be recognized like Carrie was not just for her talent but her respect for all the people around who contribute to this so very colourful and youthful trade."

-Charles Milgrom



Shelley Walsh, Wellington Made, Donor

"She is watching and smiling."

-Shelly Walsh

Ana Maria Iorga

Ana Maria Iorga is in her third year in the Fashion Design program here at Ryerson. Becoming a fashion designer has been her dream for as long as she can remember and feels so fortunate to be here learning from a beautiful community of people. Since her journey began at Ryerson, Ana has gained knowledge, experience and tools to make her way into the field and cannot wait to complete her final collection next year. For more information on Ana and to see her portfolio, you can visit her website - - or follow her on instagram @iorga_anamaria

Judy and Laurence Siegel, Donors

"I’m Judy Siegel and would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to my mother Ann.  My mother was a stylish woman who learned to knit and sew from her mother and grew to excel at it.

From my 20’s on, we formed a special bond around sewing and knitting projects — mostly for me. We would collaborate on the designs and materials and my mother would construct the garment,always a unique work of art.

This award is not only honours my mother Ann Bulmash but also applauds the recipient, a Ryerson School of Fashion innovator whose creativity will also be inspiring to others.


-Judy Siegel

Joseph Gleasure

Joseph Gleasure is a 2nd year Fashion Communication student. Originally from Alberta, he chose Ryerson for it's quality of education and it's multitude of opportunities for student entrepreneurs. 

After graduation he hopes to start a successful career as a Fashion Buyer. Pre-Covid Joseph enjoyed visiting the many parks and trails in Southern Ontario. 
He currently resides in Port Elgin

Helen and Sulo Hutko Award

Helen and Sulo Hutko

Helen was in the first graduating class of Ryerson with a specialty in Costume Design and Fashion (1950).  She returned to the school as an instructor teaching in the School of Fashion in the 1950s and 1960s.  Helen helped nurture the careers of numerous professionals in the fashion industry, and many former students became her lifelong friends. Helen held Ryerson very close to her heart and she, along with her husband Sulo, decided that they would make a generous bequest to the School of Fashion to recognize fashion students’ skills and support their academic development.


Marina and Haif Seferian, Seferian Design, Donors

"On behalf of Helen and Sulo, my husband Haig and I would like to congratulate the recipient of the Helen and Sulo Hutko award.  Ryerson and the School of Fashion meant a great deal to  both of them and they left this legacy to support students like yourself who have worked hard and are dedicated to expressing their artistic talents through fashion.  We wish you every bit of success in your career and applaud you for your commitment to this craft."

-Marina and Haig Seferian

Megan Chee-a-Tow

Helen and Sulo Hutko Award 3rd Year, Fashion Design

Megan is honoured to be selected for this award. Megan stated that she will continue to help out the students in The School of Fashion in any of their academic or professional endeavours and to ensure that the student body can provide proper mentorship for students in need. "This is imperative, because no one understands us better than ourselves! Thank you for recognizing our hard work The School and in the community!"


Susanna Ding

Helen and Sulo Hutko Award 4th Year, Fashion Communication

Joseph Gleasure

Helen and Sulo Hutko Award 2nd Year, Fashion Communication

Joseph Gleasure is a 2nd year Fashion Communication student. Originally from Alberta, he chose Ryerson for it's quality of education and it's multitude of opportunities for student entrepreneurs. After graduation he hopes to start a successful career as a Fashion Buyer. Pre-Covid Joseph enjoyed visiting the many parks and trails in Southern Ontario. He currently resides in Port Elgin.

Kasie Lung

Helen and Sulo Hutko Award 4th Year,  Fashion Design 

Kasie Lung is a 4th year undergraduate Fashion Design student enrolled at Ryerson University. She is an active member of the university community through her involvement as the Community Relations Ambassador at the FCAD Creative Innovation Studio and also through her role as Co-President of the Fashion Course Union.

Stephanie Ng Ping Cheung

Helen and Sulo Hutko Award 3rd Year, Fashion Communication

In the beginning of Stephanie's post-secondary education in 2018, she always envisioned being part of a collective group that would work together to enact change within the School of Fashion. This goal manifested under the most unique circumstances but Stephanie is beyond grateful for not only being the recipient of the Helen and Sulo Hutko award, but also the meaning behind such an award.

Kate Macdonald

The Kate Macdonald Memorial Scholarship Award was created in loving memory to honour all of Kate’s many accomplishments throughout her fashion career.  The hope is this scholarship will inspire and motivate fashion students to continue pushing boundaries.  Kate was very passionate about the fashion industry and tirelessly supported it throughout her long-standing successful career. She began at Flare Magazine, then went onto Images Magazine, Gardening Life and Fashion Quarterly, (FQ).  Deeply committed to philanthropic causes, Kate was also very generous with her time to help mentor those coming up through the industry, sharing her expertise.  Kate’s family hopes this year’s award recipient pursues their career path with the same creativity, kindness, sense of inclusion and determination that she fully embraced.  

History/Theory I Book Prize

Julia Brucculieri

Julia Brucculieri is a second year MA Fashion student currently working on finishing her MRP, which focuses on gender imbalance within the fashion industry. Previously, Julia worked as the Global Lifestyle Reporter for HuffPost, where she covered everything from influencer beauty trends to celebrity style and runway fashion. Julia has also worked at the Royal Ontario Museum as a research intern. Following graduation, Julia hopes to continue working toward a career in fashion curation.

Photo credit: Damon Dahlen

History/Theory I Book Prize

Madi Schmidt

Madi is interested in the traditionally feminized realm of craft in relation to design and object value hierarchies in the fashion and art worlds. Madi's research approaches craft and craftsmanship as a means of re-associating with the body-textile relationship and haptic experience of fashion as a means of subverting dominant modes of fashion production and consumption.


History/Theory II Book Prize

Sara Abraham

As the winner of "Top Business Pitch" by the Ryerson Innovation Student Experience, Sara has had the amazing opportunity to join the Fashion Zone to continue the process of launching a fashion label, Telawi Studio. Inspired by Southeast Asian fabrics and textiles, Telawi Studio aims to bring together the East and the West through summer wear.

History/Theory II Book Prize

Bianca Garcia

Bianca is passionate about engaging with fashion as a medium to nourish one another's mutual growth and well-being—which includes both structural change and everyday, individual interventions. Bianca's MRP will materially and visually open understandings of decolonization through an investigation and self-reflexive analysis of Filipinx fashion.

Major Research Project Book Award

Rachel Rammal

In her Masters research project titled “Bill 21 ‘An Act Respecting the Laicity of the State:’ A critical discourse analysis problematizing the religious dress ban and its impacts on Québec’s social fabric,” Rachel unpacks the complicated discourse on religious dress in Quebec, recently exacerbated by the adoption of Bill 21. While all religious symbols are the focus of the secular bill, the analysis shows that the Muslim veil is a forefront concern for advocacy groups seeking the religious dress ban. This research renders accessible the main sources of tension that arose at the Quebec National Assembly’s Parliamentary hearings in June 2019 between the groups in favour and those against the adoption of Bill 21. Overall, the research cautions against the disproportionate impact of the secular bill on racialized Muslim women in Quebec and its long-term consequences on Quebec’s social fabric.


Research Methods Book Prize

Fedlande Fenelon

Fedlande is currently conducting research that focuses on colorism in the industry with a special focus on skin bleaching.

Research Methods Book Prize

Eiro Issakidis

Eiro has a Bachelor of Commerce with a Concentration in Finance from Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary. Eiro's work in research methods focused on creating a financial toolbox for brands to grow their business which has transitioned into an MRP focused on financial and strategic analysis of the Hudson's Bay Company.  

Studio/Workshop I Book Prize

Tricia Crivellaro

With a background in fashion design and industry experience as a fashion designer, Crivellaro has decided to expand her work with an academic focus. Her practice-based research is an exploration of the connections between fashion and art. Crivellaro employs a critical approach in questioning the notion of gender, sustainability, and identity and seeks to engage in meaningful dialogue with issues at the forefront of the fashion industry.

Studio/Workshop I Book Prize

Benedikta Goronga

Born in Norway, Benedikta studied in the U.S. and moved to Canada in 2018. She now lives in Toronto with her husband and two boys. Bendikta's background is in fashion design (U.S.) and education (Norway). She runs a small women's wear line called Goronga Studio, as a member of Ryerson Fashion Zone, external link. Benedikta is currenlty doing a creative MRP focusing on kinetic pattern construction. 


McGregor Product Development Competition

Presented to third-year Fashion Communication students based on their research, development, design, and marketing of a coordinated grouping of fashion products.

Andriana Hreshchuk

Andriana is currently finishing her final year in Fashion Communications and has a passion for graphic design. The McGregor project was an incredible experience that allowed Andriana to understand her true goals for the future and has motivated a career in graphic design.

Steve Nguyen

Steve Nguyen (he/him) is currently in fourth year Fashion Communication, with a keen interest in art direction, curation, and graphic design. Steve is also the current social media coordinator for the Fashion Research Collection and the editor-in-chief for StyleCircle. Steve would like to thank Andriana, Barbara, and Caeleigh for being amazing team players and for being a part of this incredibly fun challenge and to Ashley Lotecki for her guidance and support throughout the project.

Barbara Palacio

"Colour your dreams!"


Caleigh Sims

Caleigh Sims grew up in Colombia raised by two Canadian expats. Caleigh moved to Toronto to pursue a degree in Fashion Communications at Ryerson University. Caleigh is happy to say that she will be graduating this spring with a minor in Marketing as well.

NAMSB Foundation, Inc. Jack C. Lebowitz Award for Excellence in Men's Wear Design

Donor Anonymous

Jonathan Lee

As a Canadian-born/Hong Kong-raised fashion designer, Jonathan Lee's cultural background helped him learn and embrace both Eastern and Western culture in all aspects of his life. In Jonathan's creative process, he draws inspiration from East Asian culture (e.g. fashion, history and mythology). Jonathan hopes to see East Asian Streetwear popularized in the world one day. His biggest dream as a fashion designer is to promote the distinctive local Hong Kong culture to the world, and to preserve his identity as a Hong Kong-Canadian.


Sandra Haynes Memorial Award

This award was established in memory of Sandra Haynes. It is distributed to students enrolled in the School of Fashion who demonstrate academic excellence.



Kate Spade and Company, Donor

Safia Sheikh

Safia (Suh-fi-yuh) Sheikh is a multidisciplinary creative and fourth year Fashion Design major at The School of Fashion. During her time at Ryerson, she's worn many different creative hats, from award-winning human-centred design to being part of the inaugural cohort of Research Assistants at The Fashion and Race Database. Her work in fashion and research are driven by a desire to decentralize and decolonize narratives within popular fashion discourse. She aims to continue approaching design with a particular focus in functionality and seek unconventional solutions to existing problems. Website:, external link

Telio Scholarship

Donor Anonymous


Kristyn Payne

Krin started her sustainable unique menswear brand this year called KRIN. Her goal is to fill a gap she sees in menswear specially in Canada, and make her wearers feel comfortable in their own skin and feel confident yet vulnerable.

The Lesley Hampton Scholarship, in partnership with the Ontario Mining Association

To be awarded in 2021 - Applications are now open until June 1, 2021

Lesley Hampton is Anishinaabe Mohawk, a member of Temagami First Nation, with ties to Akwesasne. She is a multi-disciplinary artist, designer, model, creative director, and founder of her self-titled fashion brand which focuses on mental health awareness, body positivity, and authentic representation.

Lesley is dedicated to inspiring the next decade of Indigenous fashion talent who will decolonize euro-centric fashion stereotypes and create work that is thought-provoking, inclusive, and barrier-breaking. The Ontario Mining Association: Respectful, mutually-beneficial relationships with Indigenous communities are crucial to the Ontario mining industry. Mining is the largest private sector employer of Indigenous peoples in Canada, accounting for about 6% of the total mining labour force, while Indigenous people make up 3% of the Canadian population. In Ontario, Indigenous employment accounts for 11.2% of total mining jobs. In creating employment and business opportunities for Indigenous communities, mining companies seek to encourage economic independence and entrepreneurship, while remaining sensitive to local cultural and social practices. The industry values Indigenous knowledge, which can inform and improve a mine’s operational and environmental policy.

The Simon Chang Foundation for Change Award, Donor

Simon Chang

The Simon Chang Foundation for Change focuses on encouraging and empowering change by supporting educational, social and health organizations . The Awards for fashion students are especially dear to Simon Chang because they are the future of an industry he loves. We are living in very complicated and unprecedented times…we need to be more creative and innovative than ever before. There is a new social consciousness emerging and fashion needs to make us feel good … not only about how we look, but about who we are. The foundation reflects Simon Chang’s life philosophy – create a healthier and happier world of inclusion and not exclusion.

"We would like to extend our sincere congratulations to this year's recipient of the Simon Chang Foundation for Change Award and wish them continued success with their future endeavors."

-Normand Bernard Business Operations, SIMON CHANG GROUP


Lily Vo

Lily Vo is a 4th year Fashion Design student. Lily is currently working on her collection for her final senior project. In her free time, Lily enjoys exploring different art mediums and improving on her  art skills. She hopes to one day pursue her dreams of moving to Korea and finding a job that relates to fashion and design.

Suzanne Rogers, Donor

The Suzanne Rogers Undergraduate Award is awarded to a student who has demonstrated excellence in fashion craftship and design and who is a Fellow in The Suzanne Rogers Fashion Institute.

“Warmest congratulations”

-Suzanne Rogers


Sara He 

Sara He is a design student in her third year at the School of Fashion. As a queer designer from a family of Chinese immigrants, she strives to create a voice for people like herself through her work. With a background in visual arts, Sara’s interest in illustration and conceptual art informs her practice as an emerging designer. Her work is rooted in play and interactivity, seeking new ways of approaching the design process. Sara values sustainable and socially conscious design, and is committed to contributing progressive change to the fashion industry.

Victoria Amadai Memorial Scholarship

Victoria Amadio (born Pigat), who arrived from Italy as experienced designers, opened and ran a fashion house at 52 Avenue Road in Toronto from 1933 to 1943.

*Nylon tulle, taffeta, velvet, beads, thread
From the 1954 Victoria Amadio Collection
Lent by Elsa M. Amadio, resides in the Museé Canadien de L'Histoire.

Elsa Amadio, Donor

"Victoria loved young people and particularly, imparting knowledge and assistance to help them develop their own creative talent.  She would be pleased to know that this scholarship is helping an aspiring person in a specialty in which she herself excelled.  Her congratulations and good wishes accompany this prize."

-Elsa Amadio

Mihaela Stoica

Mihaela Stoica graduated with distinction in Spring 2020. While at Ryerson, Mihaela was the recipient of many prestigious awards in recognition of her work and remained on the Dean's List for the duration of her academic career. Before coming to Ryerson, Mihaela was an executive at a global tech company from which she resigned to follow her passion. Mihaela observed gaps in the fashion industry and felt that she could make a positive impact by merging her business and fashion knowledge to derive creative solutions. "Fashion should be inclusive. Everyone should be free to dress in a way that represents their most authentic self - without judgement, prejudice or ostracism. In addition, such fashion should be made in a way that considers equity and sustainability at each step of the design and development process." Currently, Mihaela is working on a few exciting projects and enjoying time with her 1 year old son and 5 year old daughter.

Zoe Cokkinos Memorial Scholarship

Zoe Cokkinos

Zoe Cokkinos, who in the early 60’s, brought her European flare, knowledge of Couture style, fabrics and detailing that elevated the fashion scene considerable in Toronto. 



Robin Vaile, Donor

"I think it is important that we continue to celebrate the excellence in design in our country."

-Robin Vaile


Martha Wilder, Donor

"Congratulations! I look forward to following your career"

-Martha Wilder

Noa Lai


Michelle Li

Michelle Li is a graduate of the Fashion Design program, passionate about sustainable, ethical, and functional design.