Graduate Student Symposium

Saturday, November 5th, 2011
9:00am – 5:30pm

Ryerson University
40 Gould Street
Kerr Hall South, Rm 251

The Research Committee of the School of Fashion at Ryerson University is proud to host the graduate student symposium, Convergence: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Fashion.

In 1979 historian Fernand Braudel argued that the history of costume is not merely “anecdotal” but “touches on every issue – raw materials, production processes, manufacturing costs, cultural stability, fashion and social hierarchy.” In the following decades, Fashion has become a vibrant and interdisciplinary lens through which to examine the convergence of the creative, social, cultural, and economic worlds. The Research Committee of the School of Fashion at Ryerson University welcomes proposals from graduate students from across and outside our institution to present interdisciplinary research and creative work in the field of fashion.

Keynote Speaker: Kate Strasdin, University of Southampton, 2011 Veronika Gervers Fellow at the Royal Ontario Museum presents “An Easy Day for a Lady,” a study of women's 19th century mountaineering dress.

   Saturday, November 5, 2011
   Ryerson University, 40 Gould Street, Kerr Hall South Rm 251




Meet & Greet over Coffee/Tea


Panel 1: Narratives of Femininity in Fashion


Panel 2: Canadian Content?  From Local to Global




Panel 3: The Spaces of Fashion: Conditions & Contexts


Coffee/Tea break


Plenary Talk, Kate Strasdin, University of Southampton, 2011 Gervers Fellow, Royal Ontario Museum

There is no registration fee and the general public is welcome to attend.
Coffee and refreshments will be provided.


Panel 1: Narratives of Feminity in Fashion
Chair: Dr. Kimberly Wahl

Margo L.Beggs, University of Toronto, “Harriet Hosmer, the American ‘Sculptress’: Dressing for Success in the Mid-Nineteenth Century.”

Marta Heinrich, Ryerson University, “Pre-Raphaelite Dress: Authenticity, Naturalism, and Historical Narratives.”

Connie Laalo, Ryerson University, "Open Secrets: Queering Fashion in Interwar Paris."

Caroline O’Brien, Theatre School, Ryerson University, “Toward a Culture of The Feminine: The Phenomenon of the Princess-Ballerina in Western Culture.”

Panel 2: Canadian Content? From Local to Global
Chair:  Dr. Alison Matthews David

Ingrid Mida, Ryerson University, “The Case Study of Ruth Dukas, Canadian Fashion Designer.”

Jenifer Forrest, Ryerson University, “Free Trade-Off: Globalization’s Impact on Canadian Dress Identity.”

Sarah Portway, Ryerson University, “Fast and sustainable fashion: an ideal supply chain model for the future of fashion consumption.”

Panel 3: The Spaces of Fashion: Conditions & Contexts
Chair: Dr. Tasha Lewis

M. Elaine MacKay, Ryerson University, “No Picnic: An Appraisal of Early 20th Century Mountaineering Clothing.”

Nabeela Ahsan,  Ryerson University, “Functional Clothing for Natural Disaster Survivors.”

Meghan Lengyell, Communication and Culture, Ryerson University, “Style on the Street.”

Kathryn Franklin, York University, “Vintage Paperback Meets Vintage Couture: How Tom Ford Brought Christopher Isherwood out from Behind the Lens.”

Mayan Rajendran, Ryerson University, “Viral and Guerrilla Marketing Within Streetwear.”