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Student Experience

We’re so excited to see how you’ll shape the future of fashion.
Be brave when developing your designs and research.
Challenge the norm in your classes and through your projects.
Use your lived experiences, identities and bodies to inform your research and creations.
We are cheering you on!!

Fashion Course Union 

The Fashion Course Union,, external link is a student-led organization that advocates for, supports and guides students at the School of Fashion.

Thank you to the FCU for all for your hard work and commitment in 2020-2021  academic year!

Please see below the 2020-2021 Fashion Course Union.


Kasie Lung 


Ann-Sophie Cote


Mia Portelance 

VP of Events

Megan Chee-a-Tow

VP of Student Life and Wellness

Serena Li

VP of FInance

Cameron Pinto

VP of Marketing

Winnie Zhao

VP of Operations

Lindsay Patterson

VP of Corporate Relations

Meg O'Connell

VP of Sustainability/Accessibility

Theodore Fu

Social Media Coordinator/Photographer

Ali Chaudhry

Student Representative

Andrea Lee

Student Representative

Jasmeet Rattan

Student Representative

Jenifer Dao

Student Representative

Kryselle Effy Cabral

Student Representative

Pavni Chandani

Student Representative


INTRO is an Exhibit & Runway Show that showcases the work of first to third year Fashion Communication and Fashion Design students.

Featured Designers (L-R): Roy Luo and Cynthia Johnman, Arushi Chopra, Safia Sheikh, Sarah Hwang, Emily Yimming, Amanda Perlin Dani, Arghavan Soltani, Jonathan Lee and Emily Yimming
Photo Credit: Eric Tam

Kaesha Darling digital illustration

Featured Designer:
Kaesha Darling

Justin Persaud illustration

Featured Designer:
Justin Persaud

Lily Vo greyscale illustration

Featured Designer:
Lily Vo

Program Value

Fashion Design student, Roy Luo smiling at the camera while sitting at a sewing machine

“I value the program for its community! I like that everyone has different approaches to fashion and being able to collaborate with creators of varying styles really helps me develop my own!” — Roy Luo

Fashion Design student, Jacob Bleecker shares a film photograph he took that he feels reflects the program.

Current Fashion student, Jacob Bleecker shares a film photograph that he feels reflects the program.

Student Exchange

In light of the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty around international travel and safety in the foreseeable future, Ryerson University has suspended all university-sanctioned international travel and in-person activities abroad for students until April 30, 2021. This includes faculty-led trips, academic exchanges, competitions, student group travel and Letters of Permission (LOPs). Ryerson's priority remains the safety and wellbeing of students and extended community globally. 

For more details, please visit FCAD Exchange.

Fashion student posing in front of the I am Amsterdam sign in Amsterdam, Netherlands while on exchange

Amsterdam Fashion Institute

“Students considering exchange, say yes! The first-hand experience is unparalleled and you will be challenged in ways you couldn’t even imagine.”

Jonah Solomon strikes for a pose while he shared his experience in London, England while on exchange

Kingston University London

“Students should consider doing exchange for so many reasons! For one, the fashion industry has a global and social impact as such, I believe it is fundamental for designers to be aware of how their work impacts a global audience.”

Fashion student draws on how art makes her feel and her experience in Brisbane, Australia while on exchange

Queensland University of Technology

“It’s important to do something that scares you and out of your comfort zone. Exchange is a means of self-growth and learning about new cultures and challenging yourself.”

Joanna Lupker smiles in front of beautiful red petals in Melbourne, Australia while on exchange

RMIT University

“It’s a great way to learn about your academic field from an alternative perspective, expand your comfort zone, and make new friendships.”

Co-created collection of a blue and white dress silhouette with black transparent writing on the dress using water as an activator for the audience to engage with the design to challenge the notion of water scarcity

A collection co-created by Aankshika Bheem, Jessica Bola, Olivia Miller and Julia Symchych highlights water scarcity.

Co-created collection using sea green and white with hanging fish from the dress to bring awareness to coral bleaching within their design by reusing leftover compost bags and fabrics from existing projects

A collection co-created by Kaesha Darling, Shae Lynds and Natalie Robin, Dyeing Coral exposes the cloral bleaching epidemic with a design made of leftover compost bags and fabrics from existing projects.

Co-created collection using the textile and paper scraps collected by these designers since starting there programs that aims to bring awareness to the current speed of designing/producing clothes in the fashion industry

Co-created by Claire Gray, Seevana Hawari, Jonah Solomon and Alethea Wilson, Fatigue was made using a zero-waste approach to design. The group used textile and paper scraps they had collected since starting their degrees, and the resulting design intends to highlight the problems associated with waste and speed in the fashion industry.

Co-created collection using clear plastic that represents the lack of creative and corporate female leadership in the fashion industry

Co created collection by Kiara Julien, Jess McLeod, Ekaterina Sovoleva and Megan Visscher that brought awareness to the lack of creative and corporate female leadership in the fashion industry.

Co-created collection using red, yellow, orange, green, pink and blue that represents the mental health of fashion students over the course of their studies

Co-created collection by Jacob Bleecker, Jasmine Gibbs and Anastasia Nikiforova that represents the mental health of many fashion students over the course of their studies.

Ryerson Menswear Collective

Co-created collections by third-year Fashion Design students. The faculty members that spearhead this event from inception to implementation are Farley Chatto, Glynis Dupuis and Caron Phinney.

Featured Designers: Sydney Allison, Jessica Bola, Alex Kovacev, Agnes Lee, Irene Seow, Victoria Frackowiak, Michelle Li, Matthew McDonald, Sara Mirza, Christina Shin, Yvonne Shen, Daniel Bosco, Julie Oon, Masha Nazarova, Olivia Da Cruz, Arielle Stewart, Mihaela Stoica, dplks, external link, opens in new window, Mathea Harris, Ruolin Tang, Kimberly Dyson, Menaka Desilva, Bonni, Jehwa Choi, Alethea Grace, ntyidwa, external link, opens in new window, Victoria Zander, Natalie Giordano, Nora Zhang, Alexiis Della, Yuening Sun, Jhona Ilamzon, Noa, Sarah Sheppard, Amanda Perlin, Wanling Hu, Katie Kuntz, Sreylis Rin, Hazel Wang, Kaitlyn Wilson
Note: not all designers mentioned. Photo Credit: Arthur Mola

Mass Exodus has been a celebrated fashion event for over 30 years developed by and for the students of the School of Fashion at Ryerson University. This event provides a platform for graduating students at the School of Fashion to showcase their work to industry professionals and public audiences.

Mass Exodus 2019: Runway

Mass Exodus 2019: Installation

(L-R): Emily Moreno, external link, opens in new window, Shira Yavor, external link, opens in new window, Emma Lewis, external link, opens in new window, Cassandra Gingerich, Yasmin Momeni, external link, opens in new window, Cameron Vindua, external link, opens in new window, Mackenzie McIntyre, Natalie Puch, Chelsea Atwood and Alison Woo
Note: not all designers mentioned. Photo Credit 7-10: Emma Stern

Mass Exodus 2019 Executive Committee

Brittany Paty

Brittany Paty
Project Lead

“Be prepared and always have a Plan A, B, C, D, E - Z, and remain calm as you navigate the event.”

Sara Callaway

Sara Callaway
Installation Lead

“I learned how important it is to communicate clearly, it allows for a smooth and better collaboration of Ideas.”

Sarmina Manku

Sarmina Manku
Runway Experience Lead

“I learned that having a good relationship with your team and collectively working together is essential to execute a large-scale event.”

Yaz Blackley

Yaz Blackley
Storytelling Lead

“You have to remember what brought you here and let the challenges that arise drive you to do better.”

Blair Savage

Blair Savage
Runway Presentation Lead

“I learned the importance of collaborating with a team to ensure that an idea becomes the best it can be!”

Lindsay Patterson

Lindsay Patterson
Executive Intern

“I learned a large scale event requires collaboration.”