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These posts discuss various forms of inclusivity such as sizing, female designers, Canadian designers and non-Western fashion:

Label of a Mary Quant mini dress which reads "Mary Quant's Ginger Group, Made in England"

PDF fileDid Mary Quant’s designs conform to or defy the gender roles of the 1960’s?, opens in new window Considers if the Ginger Group line was size friendly and whether it paved the way for Western women's fashion in the 21st century. By Mariam Mansour and Samika Chadha.

Button and decorative stitching of an Issey Miyake blanket coat

PDF fileCollage Through Feminism and Textile, opens in new window Explores how feminism can be evoked through an Issey Miyake blanket coat. By Tricia Crivellaro.

Detail of the mink and leather of the men's bomber jacket

PDF fileMilitary Influence on Fashion: The Bomber Jacket, opens in new window Discusses how the bomber jacket symbolizes the shift from practicality to aesthetics in fashion. By Sara Abraham.

Close up of the collar on a burgundy and black printed haori

PDF fileHaori: An Aspect of Culture, opens in new window Compares and contrasts the materiality between two Japanese haori jackets, one belonging to the Fashion Research Collection, and the other privately owned. By Benedikte Goronga.

Close up of shoulder detail of Yvonne Lin's white slashed leather minidress

PDF fileYvonne Lin: Analysis of the White Slashed Leather Minidress, opens in new window Uses object-based research to observe the construction of a 3D leather mini-dress and explores themes of art-to-wear, 3D technology in fashion, femininity and the grotesque. By Julia Birnie.

Close up of closure on robe

PDF fileThe Journey of a Chinese Robe, opens in new window Explores the history, construction and symbolism of a late 1800s Chinese robe by comparing it to similar robes belonging to the Textile Museum of Canada. By Tori Hopgood.

T. Eaton's Co black cape

PDF fileReading a Cape, opens in new window Considers the construction and manufacturing of a 1900s black wool cape by the T. Eaton Company. By Tori Hopgood.


Sketch of Elite Syncopations Leotards

PDF fileElite Syncopations Leotards, opens in new window Observes the construction and role of two seemingly identical ballet costumes. By Teresa Adamo.

The top hat box with the initials E.J.L.T.

PDF fileThe Top Hat of E.J Lennox, opens in new window Analyses a top hat by studying its life as a singularized possession. By Amanda Memme.

Shoulder detail of red printed Claire McCardell dress

PDF fileAn Ode to Claire McCardell, opens in new window Studies the life of American fashion designer, Claire McCardell, through the object analysis of her Townley red-cotton dress. By Jenn Bilczuk.

Label on Rei Kawakubo frock coat

PDF fileAn Analysis of a Women’s Frock Coat by Rei Kawakubo, opens in new window Discusses topics such as Japanese design, gender neutrality and feminist interpretations. By Jordan Nguyen.

Black and white Smythe blazer

PDF fileSmythe Les Vestes, opens in new window Examines a black and white tweed jacket and the unique history of Canadian company, Smythe Les Vestes. By Jennifer Braun.

Turtle embroidery detail of kimono

PDF fileThe Language of the Kimono, opens in new window Discusses the symbolism and meaning involved in the practice of wearing kimonos. By Dr. Ingrid E. Mida.

Belt detail on Hanae Mori velvet shift dress

PDF fileHanae Mori Velvet Shift Dress, opens in new window Analyses the construction of a shift dress by Japanese designer, Hanae Mori. By Dr. Ingrid E. Mida and Kimberly Lecki.

Hood detail of 1970s Marilyn Brooks velvet evening gown

PDF fileA Marilyn Brooks Evening Gown, opens in new window Studies the work of Canadian designer, Marilyn Brooks and her hooded gown design. By Dr. Ingrid E. Mida.

Neckline beading detail of Ruth Dukas evening gown

PDF fileEvening Gowns and Canadian Designer Ruth Dukas, opens in new window Highlights the work of Canadian designer Ruth Dukas, who has remained largely unknown since the 1960s. By Dr. Ingrid E. Mida.

White and black Pat McDonagh evening gown

PDF fileEvening Gowns and Canadian Designer Pat McDonagh, opens in new window Explores two evening ensembles by acclaimed Canadian fashion designer. By Dr. Ingrid E. Mida.